LIFE IS ONE GREAT… Friendship!

Remember the first day of pre-school, maybe you were nervous, excited or just scared to leave your parents side and from the corner of your eye you glimpse someone just as small as you giving you a smile of relief. You smile back and at that moment you know that person is going to be your best friend forever. These moments are rare for some than for others. Throughout our life time we will experience this feeling of having a best friend. Some friendships are lost over time but there is always space to have new friends and find someone similar to you. But to have a best friend in life is one of the best feelings! To know you have a ride or die, someone you can tell anything, someone that will support you even on the dumbest decisions you make, a friend you can depend on to be the godmother/father of your kids. Or just someone who ends up being the love your life.

So I want to talk about my BEST friends Danica and Tasha!!!


I am not going to lie, when I met both of these girls in Prep School we were all opposites, I met Danica in 2nd Grade and Tasha in 3rd Grade. We all hung out in different cliques and had nothing in common, I think we were all actually frenemies. Until one day Danica started coming to my church and we just had an instant click. Our friendship was further solidified once I began humming the Lizzie McGuire theme song and she started singing along. (Side Note: In Jamaica at the time not everyone had cable or satellite dish in the late 90s-00s) So most of the shows I watched majority of my friends had no idea what I was referring to and this was the time of dial-up internet. So it was so awesome to have a friend who watched and loved the same shows as me. We would spend hours on the phone watching television episodes. I remember we were watching Cheetah Girls when we attempted to start a rock band lol, EPIC FAIL. And though, we’ve gone our separate paths in lives, I can still call her up and talk to  her like we are still the little girls that would spend hours just running up our parents phone bill.

I became friends with Tasha much later, I think 6th Grade going to 7th Grade. She is literally my other half and my ride or die. She’s the type of person that doesn’t take shit, a go-getter and just looks out for the ones she cares for. We have such a tight friendship, no matter the distance we can still share and talk to each other like time didn’t pass. Now, she engaged and I am so happy for her! 🙂

Trust me, when you have friends that no matter the distance or time and to be still able to share stuff and know this person genuinely got your back, its a blessing. So if you find someone who makes you smile, checks up on you. watches out for you and wants the very best for you. Don’t let them go. Keep them close and don’t take them for granted because people like that are hard to find. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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