Life Is One Great… PARTAAAYYY !!! ðŸŽ‰ðŸŽ‰ðŸŽ‰

You know the phrase that’s so out used…YOLO! “You only live once”. I literally live by that phrase. I don’t ever back down from having an awesome time with friends. Most of my fun is booze related lol 🍻🍷🍹 but I’m also an adrenaline junkie. Roller coasters love it! I’m trying to add bungee jumping & skydiving to my next fun activity! So if anyone knows any cool location to go bungee jumping! Let me know !

So I’ve been going back & forth on how to structure this post, should I show personal pics or give a story of a wild party night 😏😏 ! But I’ve decided that I’m going to share my top places that I recommend everyone should go to at least once and have an awesome time! [And please feel free to add some cool places that you think would be awesome to see or visit ]



WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS! Went for my 21st birthday and it was awesome! Definitely understood the phrase Sin City, but go with friends and you will definitely have a blast! I recommend 21 and over for the true Vegas experience.



Definitely take a trip to New Orleans Louisiana, where booze never seems to run dry and the places oozes with such rich culture and food. Another place I recommend going with friends or family! The scenery is just soooo beautiful & if you are not about the night life the French Quarter is still awesome in the day. And for my alcohol lovers, be sure to try the hand grenade!


There is always something fun going on in Florida but if you are young and love music festivals, take a spring break trip with your friends and hit up ULTRA in Miami, Florida


And lets not forget the several amusement and water parks in Orlando. Take a trip with family or friends and visit Disney World, Universal Studios, Lego World or Wet & Wild. No matter what age you are, you are bound to have an awesome time.


No matter what the occasion, a trip to Jamaica is always awesome! But my fave events are Carnival and J’ouvert, such a fun experience whether you enjoy the soca vibes or not.

Carnival usually happens during the Easter Season. There is always a road march with several men and women dressed in beautiful costumes parading through the streets


And there’s J’ouvert , no words can really describe the fun experienced at this paint filled event! But great memories are always made at J’ouvert!


You will always have a great time and meet awesome people at these places and I just wanted to share them!


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