Life Is One Great… APP ! 

Social media basically runs the world. My generation of individuals are obsessed with broadcasting themselves! I am not really sure if I’m for it or against but at this moment in my life it would be hypocritical if I was against.

Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Snapchat , Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Pinterest. Most of us are all addicts to either one or all of these sites. I use to joke and say the type of social media we use the most, typically describes the type of person we are.

 But at the end of day,we all either wanna be noticed or stalk someone. (I won’t lie 95% of my Facebook and Instagram usage was stalking a crush or an ex 😳. )

I really want y’all to further get an idea of who I am, So I will show you the apps I tend to use the most. Vine, Snapchat and Facebook were deleted, I’m trying to cut back on some of my addictions.

(I use to have a bunch of random apps and during the deleting process for the new iOS software I realize I literally mainly use these apps.)

My addiction is tumblr , I will spend hours on tumblr. It’s like the weirdest addiction I could have because it’s not like I have many followers that I need to be constantly sharing things with.

Twitter and Instagram get a strong second place. Check these once a day but don’t spend hours on them.

Whatsapp is my main way to communicate. Also kik and iMessage but whatsapp is mainly used

YouTube, xfinity & Netflix. For moments when I just wanna watch videos or catch up on tv shows.

WordPress is a new addiction so I had to add it.

The games I usually play when I’m bored. So road trips, airplane flights or bathroom time I’ll play those games

Let’s not forgot Apple music and the pandora app ! I can’t live without music in my ears

Dubsmash is a great app to use with friends. When I am bored I usually make a funny dubsmash and send to my friend. Many people post there vids on Instagram. It’s a pretty decent app.

Ok Facetune is a very important app. To get the flawless selfies to put on Instagram, this app works wonders. I strongly recommend this app.

And of course, I can’t leave these two out

If you are a technology junkie like me and always on social media, we need to find a support group lol 😄. Sometimes I think about my childhood and miss the simple things like playing outside. I see so many kids hooked on tablets. I miss actually having a conversation other than texting. If I wanted to speak to my neighbor I would pop over and sit on the veranda and just talk. Or just enjoying myself and live in the moment than trying to document the perfect moment just for someone to like or comment on a picture. Sigh.

But as they say the first step to recovery is admittance , “my name is Sha-rih, and I’m a social media/internet addict” 


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