Life is One Great… Friendzone !

I was really in my feelings this morning about the whole concept of ‘the friendzone’ but at this moment I got a lot a pent of road rage😡😡😡.

Road Rage

-* Searches frantically for headphones*-  Ever realize no matter the situation music just helps. You got a fight with a friend, family, bf/ gf just put in headphones. Bad grade, bad day or anything bad just put in some headphones and the world just seems better. Ok Pandora work your magic ! …. 🎶My Way – Fetty Wap🎧 … good choice. *Breathes a sigh of relief* Road Rage gone.😁

Ok, we’ve all been placed in the friendzone or placed someone in the friendzone. caution-friendzone-ahead-48

Don’t go shaking your head and saying, ” nah I’ve never been placed in the zone” because I have news for you, you most definitely have been placed in the zone🚧. You just weren’t as interested in the person to realize you’ve been given a permanent spot there. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this label, but I do feel guilty for the persons that really care and like me when all I see is a brother. I genuinely feel guilt because I don’t want someone I consider such a great friend to be  hurt or heart broken. Personally, when I’ve been placed in friendzone I just keep it moving.  And if the guy waits too long to see that I was great for him, that his loss because unless I’m single I’ve moved on!  There is no going back!

And I know its not the same with everyone so I just want to know how y’all handle being in the friendzone or placing someone in the friendzone. ( Feel free to comment and share). And in the process probably help me with my situation.

So, I’ve been best friends with this guy for 9 years👫. And for 9 years I’ve placed him the friendzone. Maybe about three years ago he confessed to liking me. And I swerved the entire situation like it was the plague. I literally didn’t even give a reply or reaction to the situation. Honestly, I think I hung up the phone and called back and told him the call dropped. Yes! I know extremely petty of me. And once I called back I took complete dominance of the conversation so he didn’t bring it up. A year ago, when I became single he gave hints again. But I straight shut it down and said I didn’t do long distance relationships. But trust, me this dude persistent! So, he started dating and I got a little jealous but not to the extreme because I was still like supporting his relationship and thought his girlfriend was super cool. I aint no home wrecker but I had slight Kim Possible syndrome, that moment when you start considering your bestfriend as more than a friend.

16953-Out-Of-The-FriendzoneBut as I said, he’s like a brother to me. If you think about kissing someone and physically feel sick to the bone. And let me make this clear he’s not unattractive.  But I take that as an indication that we were not meant to be. So its 2015, we both technically single and he proposed that we should kiss to see if we’re really not compatible but its like I just don’t want to do that. At the back of my mind I’m 100% positive that our friendship would be on a fast collision course. Anyways maybe I am just being my usually self and just overthinking shit. Sigh.😳


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