LIOG… Make up party! 

This is Part II to Race to Acceptance, so if you haven’t read it, go read it now! 😄

This post is about outer beauty! So I previously said we all need to display self-love and stop being so concerned about what society dictates as beauty and just embrace who you are. I talked about some of the issues that usually come when one is self conscious about their image and how they are perceived.

I wanted to share this TLC song- Unpretty which really inspired my rant in the previous post

Mentioning weight issues, plastic surgery and self hate that stems from ones complexion. But I didn’t mention Make-Up! I’m torn on this topic since I’ve invested so much money in Mac, Ben Nye, Nyx  and Revlon products. And much more in which I’ve probably forgotten to mention.


Many say makeup hides ones natural beauty and others says it enhances the beautiful features we already have. Whatever team you choose its up to you. 💅🏾Evidently I’m team make-up. But I don’t just use make up for beautification. I’m the type of make up weirdo that’s trying to capture myself as a zombie, an old person, a guy, a De Stijl artwork or a jazz era showgirl. Don’t get me wrong I do love the contouring and lash extensions but not as much as I enjoy testing my artistic side. ( I thought about sharing photos but I’m an amateur and not trying to become a meme 😂)
But once all the make up is gone and you look in the mirror. Nothing beats natural beauty!

P.S I’m not trying to start one of those no make up challenges. I need my eyeliner and eyebrow pencil lol


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