LIOG… SOCKS?!? SEX??! πŸ˜‚

So I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw this…

My eyes caught the feet instantly πŸ˜‚. So I sent this image to my friend Cos and we were just having a hoot and popping jokes back to back. Anyways we don’t stay on one issue too long and the conversation changes to whether one should wear socks on or off during sex. Lol yes we went there.

I had this friend that hated feet! And I’m not exaggerating, the sight of feet just put her on edge. I doubt she liked her own feet. I remember an incident in which her new boyfriend had come on campus to visit her and he was taking off his shoes and socks. She had a mini melt down and told him to leave the socks on. She’s definitely a podophobic, and though I laughed like crazy at her,Β I still love herπŸ˜‚. So what about people that don’t have a foot phobia and choose to wear socks during sex.

I feel like I’m not against or for socks being on during sex but if the person is constantly wearing socks around me I will probably start wondering how crusty their toes are. πŸ‘£ My dad has horrible athlete’s foot and he’s not ashamed to let those piggies out in the open. With that said, I do like seeing nice toes πŸ˜‹

So of course, I had to do my research. I was reading an article from elite daily. Warm Feet, Hotter Sex: Science Proves Sex is Better With Socks On by Lauren Martin . Apparently the warmth and comfort a woman experiences from wearing socks is directly linked to the female’s orgasms. The socks are suppose to calm and this then links to the prefrontal cortex and amygdala which are responsible for anxieties and inhibitions. Β With inhibitions and anxieties off, the woman is apparently suppose to stimulate a strongΒ orgasm. I honestly reccommend reading the article, it had me laughing the entire time. She offered so many positives to wearing socks during sex in a funny way. But women tend to mostly wear socks during the winter and for women living in the tropics socks are worn rarely. It would be weird, to be in the heat of the sex and stop to put on socks 😳😳 Worse if you’re like me and have problems finding both pair of socks.

I tried to find a study for guys wearing socks. But I didn’t really find much so I am just going to assume it’s comfortable and/or probably irrelevant for them to remove socks during sex. Not everyone likes having cold feet. I’m just speculating here. 😳😏

But tell me , which do you prefer?? Socks on?? Or Socks off??? Ladies do you believe socks would stimulate a stronger orgasm during sex?? Guys what are you hiding behind those socks !?


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