Let me just state this from the beginning! This post is going to be an extensive avatar rant. And this isn’t about James Cameron’s Avatar with the blue people but Avatar: The Last Airbender the cartoon. Oh by the way! I love anime! Both read and watch them, so leave your favorites in the comment section so I can check it out! 🙂

So, I am doing my usually daily rounds on Tumblr, and I didn’t even get a minute into my Tumblr feed. Well in my head I think about a minute, time using Tumblr seems to move differently. It will be 9pm when I start scrolling through and all of sudden its 3am in the morning and I’m thinking I was on for maybe 2 hours max. I wonder if anyone has done any study on this. Well that’s a rant for a next post.

Anyways it was a news article that said, ‘Fire Lord Zuko’s Legacy to be Explored in Avatar: The Last Airbender- Smoke & Shadow series’.


At this moment, I am in hyperventilation mode. In my head I’m thinking, “F*ck Yes!! questions will be answered finally”. I was a little pissy when they stopped the series to start up Legend of Korra. I felt sort of incomplete especially since I thought they were officially finished with the series. ( While I am on the point of incomplete, Tia Williams I am still waiting for you to finish writing that IT Girls series, either I am going to get my personal copy but I am still waiting for the final book). So I’m super excited and need to find out when this series was going to start up, so to Google I went. For any Avatar lovers, we don’t have to wait long! The new series starts up this September! So I am ecstatic! Until I saw the article on Venture Capital Post, Avatar: The Last Airbender 2 Confirmed with director M. Night Shyamalan.  It’s at this point, I realized I could go from happy to angry within seconds. I read the article and got even more pissed.  Let me rephrase but Shyamalan basically said, his vision for the movies was to make it more adult oriented. Honestly, why would he even choose to remove the comical and fun aspect of the series in the first place. There was so much wrong with that abomination of a first movie that I don’t even know where to start. 1. Actors chosen were boring and emotionless. 2. Bending of the Elements were horrible 3. Plot was slow 4. They couldn’t even pronounce their names!

Like you had 3 seasons of cartoon material! 3 seasons! I tried to detach myself from the cartoon and just watch the movie and it was still physical torture. The plot was too slow to take that approach in which he wanted. He made everyone so serious that I can only imagine the crime he’s about to commit with Azula’s character.

Sigh! On a positive note! New cartoon series! 🙂


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