Life Is One Great… LOVE STORY💘📚📝💞

My love life is definitely far from a love story. It’s more like one of those B-rated horror movies in which I am trying to escape but failing epically because it’s on a constant loop. I am going to blame its ‘sucky-ness’ on some karmic influence that’s just rolling over from my past life. So since the reality of my love life sucks I tend to immerse myself in reading. It’s interesting because as a child I hated reading. It would take me forever just to finish a novel. Not to mention literature books I was forced to read for school. If I could find the cliff note version or the movie, I took that option with ease.  I remember reading Mills n Blooms books but only because I wasn’t allowed. J.K Rowling was definitely my awakening, she opened my eyes to the joy of reading.

*side story* My parents are super religious Christians. So anything with sorcery or witchcraft was not allowed in the house. Of course, I’ve always been a mini rebel. I borrowed my friend’s HP: Chamber of Secrets. That book was my first addiction and I took 3 nights and powered read through it. On the 3rd night, I decided to go to bed early just so I could finish the book. Of course, my mom knew I was acting weird and when she came in the room I did a horrible job at hiding the shock on my face or the book. The look on my face you would think I got caught reading a porn mag. I remember I was in the 3rd grade because I got my ass whooped plus my mom personally came to school to return the book.

I definitely didn’t take up my next Harry Potter book until I was in 7th grade. I still read but my interest turned to teen magazines, manga and Archie comics. I remember it was 9th grade when I began reading romance novels again and that’s the year I began writing my own mini novel. It’s hilarious when I think about how much trouble I had gotten in because of that series I had written. I gave it to a friend to read just to get a few constructive criticisms. By the end of school semester it had been circulated in three different schools and confiscated on many occasions. I never did finish that series on account of the serious writer’s block along with exams and AP classes.

Now that I am much older and cant really find the time to read. I am definitely trying to add back the trend I did in high school; a novel a week.  But these two weeks, I definitely went on a binge with Jay McLean and Kelly Oram’s novels. They definitely cater for the young adult audience but I feel anybody can read their novels and enjoy them. I have lost sleep just binge reading like two books a night. I think I read like 8 of Kelly Oram’s novels and 3 of Jay McLean’s novels. I just started McLean’s More than series. And I am in love with her book More than This


It’s weird though, because though I am trying to escape into this fantasy of new young love which occur in the most adverse circumstances. At the end of each book, I realize my love life still sucks and how unrealistic it would be for me to be with a movie star or the hottie QB. So why torture myself? Well that’s easy, the reality sucks way more. I’ve probably deluded myself in trying to search for what I’ve been reading to  there being some real life version. Sigh.  But until I can write my own love story, bring on the romance novels!


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