LIOG…Lost Innocence👧➡️👩

Today my niece KeyMya (well foster niece) turned TWO!! 🎉🎉 I know she’s not technically blood but I definitely consider this cutie apart of the family! ☺️ 

She went to the Nashville Zoo with her big brother and had a blast! 🐢🐒🐊🐅🐘

The pure joy they display on a daily basis is quite envious.  They don’t fully understand why they are away from the mother, who are their dads, why they need to go to court occasionally. But still, they have bright smiles on their faces. Recently, my sister became a foster mom and I’m honestly really proud of her. It takes a huge heart with lots of love to give to care for kids that are not your own. I’ve met a few of the kids and I admire the shear strength and courage they exhibit. It’s almost like they are throwing a huge middle finger to the hard times and hopeful for better and brighter days. I can imagine not every foster child is that strong, some inner demons can really drag one in a state of depression. I mean, no child wakes up hoping to be in a broken home. To be separated and relocated to a new home especially if they are constantly bounced from one home to the next.

A child’s golden years are truly 2-8yr old. I feel like at 9 the chores start. Those were the carefree years; was mom cooking mac&cheese for dinner?, would I make it home in time to watch powerpuff girls?, will the rain stop so I could go outside and play?. The only  questions that plagued my mind as a child. I found joy in the simplest things, like going to the supermarket, getting ice cream after Sunday dinner or staying up an half n hour later.

As one gets older that innocence slowly slips away. When your mom said that she couldn’t send you on a class trip because she didn’t have the money, you are at the point where you understand. The world isn’t all an array of rainbows. You see the rainy clouds and the sadness and disappointment that come with them. It fades even more when you have to study twice as hard to not only get into college but obtain a scholarship to help with the financial burden . The loans that will need to be paid with the job you don’t really enjoy. The bills and mortgage along with the other struggles that come with adulthood.

I remember, I was playing dress up with this 8 year that I was babysitting. She said she couldn’t wait to be grown, to buy her own clothes and go out like her older sister. I laughed at her statement because I felt the same way watching my brother partying away what I considered to be fun years. But he worked really hard to enjoy himself and as a child we tend to block that out and only see the glitz and glamour. Sometimes I wish I could get a start over back to the days when food was always available and there was endless fun and playtime. But hey that’s why they made Disney World! A place for my inner child to come out and have fun!


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