LIOG… CATFISH Story !🐱🐟😁

Its story time! So from the title you’re probably wondering was I catfished or the catfisher. Well for one I wasn’t alone in this twisted story but I was one of the catfishers. Let me just clear this up, my group of friends are literally the craziest. Four crazy  girls that got each other’s  back, feed off each other’s drama and always trying to instigate some f*ckery. So this was sophomore year of college; the first season of catfish had just aired, okcupid intrigued us and tinder was the new hot thing.

I was always the skeptic when it came to online dating. I need some face-to-face interaction to consider this communication even a  friendship. So I had avoided the online dating scene. Two of my friends were on this site and having a blast. One friend got lucky within weeks and found this really cool guy. Cos and I were the skeptics , G and Thuthu were the free-spirited one. When G had her coffee date with this  guy, Cos and I had came up with some twisted plan. We would get to the coffee shop early, check out the place and make sure he wasn’t a total nut job. G pretty much shut down that idea quickly. Of course, we still went but they must have changed the location or time because they hadn’t been there. Its after 9pm that day and we get a 911 text to meet at the campus center. G was on cloud9 telling us how she was falling for this guy and the relationship looks promising.

Weeks passed and they seemed to have been official. Well to G they were official. So Thuthu was still on this site and he had contacted her. Super awkward right?! 1. He had already met Thuthu as G’s friend     2. He told G he had  deleted his profile. Word got back to G and she was not having it. He told her some dumb excuse that he was  probably being catfished πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol. I thought his response was hilarious. Anyways Cos and I had schemed a plan to create a fake profile to draw him out especially since G was not being cautious like we had  asked her to be. A lot of people caught bait to this profile. Only show all it takes is a pretty face for some guys to do dumb shit. No judgment though, a sexy guy would have me doing dumb shit as well. So he messaged us in less than an hour. We gave him a textnow number, so not to raise suspicions of being a fake. Its funny when I think about it because we all have accents, 3 of us are Jamaican born and Thuthu is from Burma. When he called,  we put on our best white girl accents which like a dummy he fell for it. When the relationship had gone to the point where this dude was confessing his love, we showed G the texts. She was upset and who wouldn’t. We always want to find the good in people and she knew we were looking out for her. He had told us, he was single and was not seeing anyone. When every night he was basically banging my friend. So I was pissed. Ready to straight square up with this dudeπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜². So we all came up with this elaborate plan to bait this dude. We had planned a lunch date so he could meet up with the person in the fake profile.

Cos was already at the cafΓ© and had texted us that he just got there. G and I came walking in the cafΓ© after we got the clear from Cos. The look on his face was priceless. It was a mix of having a heart attack and just shitting his pants. He was all ‘stammery’ asking what she was doing there at this public cafΓ© πŸ˜‚lol. Like really dude??! πŸ˜‚ He then  told her another lie about meeting one of his guys. This dude thought he was slick, because he began to send a message to the textnow number, telling the fake profile that he needed to cancel the date that he had work. At the moment, G was holding the phone with the textnow number when the message came in. She read it and then said, ‘oh so you got to be at work now? ‘ .


The shocked look on his face , its as if his soul had decided to leave his body. A line of expletives followed after that question to him.  The day did not end well for him at all.

Moral of this story…

  • Honesty is important. Just keep it real πŸ’―!
  • Never under estimate the level of crazy from your girl or her friends
  • Be cautious of the people you talk to on these online dating sites
  • It’s never cool to fake being someone you are not

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