LIOG… 🐱🐈🐱 Cat troubles

As a cat person I want to believe I run the house but that will never be the case.

You know the number one place in the house to escape into peace and solitude… Yes I am talking about the bathroom

  This is not an option. Every morning the same position! This must be a bathroom boycott in which I’m just unaware of.

Like a sixth sense, my cats can tell when I’m about to use the computer. Minutes before their fluffy paws makes its way on top of my keypad or laptop. Acting oblivious as if to say lets go outside and play

Let me not forget packing. Packing anything takes forever. I don’t whether he’s trying to help or prolonging the inevitable.


The bed no longer belongs to me. Well I can’t just blame the cats on that one. Room is filled with stuff either way πŸ˜„

I wish I could just walk from point A to B with ease.

How could I forget the scratches on the doors, torn up carpet along with the twisted window blinds.  RIP security deposit! 😩

But even though I complain, I still love these furrballs 😘


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