LIOG… Quote & Song For the Day

I’ve been binge watching and reading everything Nicholas Sparks. And he makes me feel like I am in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. [Don’t mean to offend anyone that’s actually been in a violent relationship]. But Sparks really knows how to keep my emotions on edge, its like I’m on my menstrual cycle.


There is a formula to all his work and its like I just cant get enough of it. I rarely cry! Like it takes a lot for tears to actually form in my eyes, and I’m always at the brink of tears when I’m done. It’s kind of crazy that I was just going back to back just watching his movies. It’s sort of sadistic when I think about it.

So the Quote for the Day comes from the movie Last Song

We are not perfect. Any of us. We make mistakes, we screw up but then we forgive and move forward.

Nicholas Sparks

My song for the Day is She Knows- J Cole

This is my fave song from J Cole. Plus I’ve had this on repeat for the whole day, so I guess it deserves song of the day.


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