LIOG…My First Trip🚬🚬

It’s Story Time!

So this is definitely not about the first time I went on a physical trip but more about my first psychedelic trip. Well, when I think about the event its a little of both trips lol.

* side note; I don’t condone the taking of drugs but I have my own reservations on the usage of cannabis.

Ok if anyone has ever tried weed, you would know smoking and having an edible is a completely different experience and then there are the different strains of weed that also have varying effects.

Anyways  this was sophomore year college and my friend had made some weed brownies for a party that night.  I knew the high was suppose to last longer so I just wanted to start my high from early. My ass ate a whole square when she specifically had told me just to eat half of the square. But I am like ‘nah I got this I have a high tolerance.’ Stupidly thinking my liver’s capability  to process alcohol was directly proportional to my body’s ability to react to cannabis. So I chilled with her and had like a ‘pre-high’ You know that state when your my mind becomes convinced that you are already high. I was smiling and laughing for no goddamn reason. Within like 15minutes that euphoria passed and I was bitching that the batch of brownie was bad. I was about to have another slice and she told me to wait another hour. By the way, I had another friend with me that had tried the brownie as well. So we had decided to take the public bus to Walmart. To be honest I don’t quite remember why we went to Walmart. I knew I went back to the dorm room and showered and had a serious case of the munchies. I brought the pringles with me to the bus terminal and my friend and I began munching down like we had not eaten in days. I can imagine it was quite a disturbing site for any civilian to watch. I felt as if my body starting to drift from my state of being. It was about 4pm in the afternoon and thank god the bus was not full, because the giggles started again.


I remember we were talking about precipitation and seeing stuff in front of us that really wasn’t there. Complete bullshit!  You would think the smart thing to do was probably head back on campus and ride out the high but nope! We made it to Walmart. Functionality of my feet was now non existent, so I got on the mobility scooter. The events that took place at Walmart were an absolute blur. I remember entering Walmart and stepping into Narnia. But apparently I was just sitting in the frozen food isle for a good 15minutes asking for Aslan. I am so grateful we saw another friend that would drive us back on campus. Because my eyes were now bloodshot red and hanging on to dear life. I instantly became so sleepy. My entire body felt light and weightless. I had this feeling that I was now granted the ability to fly, I convinced myself I was a super saiyan and Goku had nothing on me. I remember my friend was having a major freak out beside me, while I was trying to go into Saiyan mode. spongebob_super_saiyan_by_shoppity-d767sbh

Her experience went from good to bad quickly because she kept asking to go to the hospital that they laced the weed. But our friend carried us back to our room and gave us water to drink, within seconds I was knocked out.

It was definitely an interesting trip for sure. I don’t like to lose myself to that extent where I am knocked out cold. I slept dead for hours. But everyone experiences the high different just like how its not for everyone.


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