LIOG…#helloFall :) !

2015 is almost over! If you are  a weirdo like me, you will probably look back wondering if anything was completed from your list of resolutions. Well I didn’t even make a dent in my list! But I got 3 full months left! No sweat! I got this! [*I am Definitely Delusional*].

But on a positive note its SCARVES AND BOOTS SEASON!!!!!


This is my favorite season! For many many many reasons! I can now take my favorite clothing from out of storage. I love the fall foliage! Watching the leaves on the trees turn to a variation of bright oranges and yellows as the atmosphere is greeted by the cool fall breeze. Trips to Starbucks become more frequent as each Caramel Macchiato soothes my insides and prepare me for the Winter season. How can I forget Halloween and Thanksgiving. I know technically Halloween is not a holiday but I do enjoy the adult version of celebrating Halloween. All the slutty costumes! Most valid reason to wear lingerie in public *I wonder what I should be this year?!?* And Thanksgiving, I don’t got to say nothing but YUMM! I am like a bear heading into hibernation on thanksgiving! Eating everything in sight, I mean nothing beats a home cooked meal with friends and family. I always seem to be in a much happier mood during this season. You would think summer I should be happier but I am not a fan of the extreme heat. Fall weather is just perfect for me.

Typically during the fall, I like to keep my nails and lipstick dark. Its all about dark purples and burgundy. I  got Mac’s Heroine and I am in love with this lip color.


Typically I am a Sally Hansen nail polish girl but I have this burgundy shade from Orly called Bus Stop Crimson in which I am in love with. I stole this shade from my sister so I cant really tell where one could get this shade.


Knitted Sweaters and Sweat shirts I own either came from Forver21 or H&M. But I shop anywhere from consignment stores to shopping boutiques. This Fall I am all about the blue denim. This is going to be  my fall style. With the occasional plaid and floral to mix it up.

My fave place to scarf shop is Forever21. I really like the quality of their scarves. Charming Charlie sells really nice scarves as well. I like the prints on the scarves sold at target but I find the material tends to be too thin for me. But scarves can be bought anywhere! I just like the idea of being fashionable while keeping my neck warm in the fall weather.

What are scarves without the boots! Whether you like the short booties or high boots. Boots are perfect for the fall season. And how could I forget the rain boots. That way I can stroll through the rain and take in the fall beauty while trying to catch a bad cold πŸ™‚

If you are a fall lover like me! Share some of the things you like to do or wear during this season!


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