Necessary Fact about Me: I am STAN for Drake. To put my obsession the bluntest way; occupational drake dick rider lol.

So as you can imagine, any new music from Drake got me hype as hell. Though I am obviously going to listen to most of these songs on repeat. I do have a few critiques about this album. The mixtape is called What a time to be Alive by Drake & Future and has 11 tracks. In all honesty, this mixtape is a little monotonous, same style to most of the songs. I think its very Future inspired. Nothing to over hype on, but still a good enough to listen to and re-listen to a few songs. So far my faves are Change locations and Jumpman. Already got repeat status.

So for all my Drake and Future lovers! Tell me what you think about the mixtape. With that said, any insults directed about drake will receive a severe clapback. I don’t play when it comes to bae lol.



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