LIOG…”what’s your sign?”


“What’s your sign?”, this one question has such a huge impact on the young adults of my generation. Isn’t it weird how some of us have become wrapped up in zodiac signs. I can promise you that 90% of my first interactions with another person I ask this question. But what’s the importance? why does it matter what’s a person’s zodiac sign? what is my gain from even knowing the answer?

The study of astrologically signs date back to the Babylonian days, the use of celestial patterns and orbital alignment have given us the 12 zodiac signs. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.  Automatically we all get matched up with one of these signs depending on the date and month of the year we are born. I know there are other types of zodiacs like the Chinese zodiac, I even saw a PokΓ©mon zodiac but I am sticking with the Western zodiac.

I’ve never been interested in zodiac signs. I was a Sagittarius and that’s it! I didn’t care what that meant and surely wasn’t concerned about another person’s zodiac sign. But as I got older and introduced to different cultures I unconsciously became consumed in the phenomenal of  the zodiac signs. I had spent a summer in New York and the first thing my cousin’s friend asked me was, ‘what’s my sign?‘ I answered quickly and thought it was a weird question to ask because no one had ever asked me that question especially on first encounter. She immediately said “ok that’s good because I cant stand  Libras”. I breathed a sigh of relief because as an impressionable teenager I thought this girl was cool. It never crossed my mind that she possibly would have treated me differently if I was a Libra. It wasn’t long after hanging out with my cousin and this girl for two months I found myself knowledgeable in everything zodiac. I am definitely not the type of person that gets her daily readings from Miss Cleo but I understood the concept of the compatibility of the signs in love and friendship. I was aware of personality traits possessed by each sign. All it took was two months! Just two months ! and I was wrapped up in the irrelevance of zodiac signs.

So what’s the importance of this post. Honestly it has a 1% relevance, kind of sucks if you’ve read this far lol. But I don’t think one should value their relationship with another person based on a person’s zodiac sign.


I’ve found myself justifying another person’s behavior due their sign. “oh he’s a Leo, so he’s full of himself”, its absolutely crazy if I avoided all Leo’s because of this observation. *Though I’ve convinced myself this is an accurate statement lol* If the person is a dick then they are a dick! I shouldn’t be like oh they are a Scorpio, all Scorpios are like that. Its kinda bat shit crazy. And though I am aware of how crazy this is, I am also a Tumblr user and see daily zodiac posts that brings me back to my obsession. Reblogging several that I find to be true and accurate representation of the signs. But like who the bloody hell writes these. Why do I grasp at these words as if was law. Though I would love to change, I am too deep in this shit. So I apologize in advance if my first question to you is, ‘What’s your sign?’


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