LIOG… TV Shows of My Childhood! 📺📺 Part I

This could possibly be a loooong list! So I am making this edition TV families I love!


  1. Boy Meets World! I still watch this show! I had the biggest crush on Will Friedle.  And how can I forget all the sage advice I received from Mr. Feeny. Hands down my favorite 90s series.
  2. FreshPrinceOfBelAir1Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ! 90s classic. R.I.P Uncle Phil, I will never forget the crazy fun this cast brought to my television screen.
  3. 20d05b6a8e80cb59_109048-full-house-full-house_xxxlargeFull House! My faithfulness to this show was solely for John Stamos. I would still have his kids lol
  4. familymatters_0Family Matters !! “Did I do that”- Steve Urkel
  5. Step_by_step_tv_show_castStep by Step. They were the Brady Bunch family of the 90s.
  6. Leonardo-Dicaprio-growing-pains-castGrowing Pains. This is a 80s series but I remember Disney bringing episodes in the afternoon. And how could I not fall in love with the Seaver family!
  7. tumblr_mzo2d0IhzF1tod679o1_500Proud Family! One of the best shows on Disney! They just kept things real and brought up real issues.
  8. lizzie mcquireLizzie McGuire. Oh the sweet Disney Days! I came home from school everyday to watch this show.
  9. Sister-Sister-cast“GO HOME ROGER!” Words heard almost every episode on Sister Sister.
  10. SmartGuy_cast

SMART GUY! The Henderson family with Mo!

🎶A slice of life is T.J. Henderson
Super intelligent,
a fine young gentleman

A ten year old whiz kid bussin high school
A pugnacious little shorty with a thousand IQ
He’s got a way with the ladies, and he’s keepin it real
Your favorite little study buddy, he knows the deal
They say just a kid, on the ball, very funny
You could say that he’s bright, brainy, gifted, whatever
(Mo’s Voice)Yo brother is smaaart!🎶

Next Edition will strictly be CARTOONS!!



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