LIOG…My Kryptonite is Scorpio Men ♏️

Its the beginning of Scorpio season! Which means its the time of the year when I remember I have the worse luck in men. And you may wonder why now that I remember  I have the suckiest love life, well its because all my past lovers their birthdays tend to fall back to back starting on October 23. Well maybe not the worse luck, but I tend to gravitate to men that are Scorpios. #zodiacsignCURSE. All those relationships had a life span of a fruit fly. Fun Fact:  A fruit fly lives a maximum of 50 days, or a generous 30 days if they are not bug sprayed to death or  faced with  their grim reaper the fly swatter. If you’ve read my previous posts, you will realize I am fascinated with zodiac signs. Sort of crazy obsession in which I cant help but take an interest in. So I am knowingly aware that Scorpio and Sagittarius aren’t the most compatible signs. Don’t think this knowledge is what causes my relationships to not move forward. Nope! this is actual facts! Even before I started taking interest in zodiac signs. I would always have the best time with these guys outside of the label of boyfriend and girlfriend. And as soon as the element of commitment enters the equation, the relationship goes up in flames. Don’t believe me…well let me take you down memory lane.

I was talking to this guy for a few months in high school. And we weren’t anything but maybe slight friends with benefits. But we started out as friends for the most of it. In the realization that we spend hours texting and talking late nights on the phone. We were like ‘what the heck! I like you, you like me, lets be boyfriend&girlfriend’. This dude was my boyfriend for 3 days! 3 days=72hours=4320 mins!! Within the first 24hrs of the relationship we were arguing over something stupid, that I don’t even remember what it was about. Well the situation wasn’t resolved the first day so it turned into a ticking time bomb which conveniently blew up on the 3rd day. Shortest relationship I’ve ever had in my life and I am pretty sure it could have been shorter.

This was a constant trend with all Scorpio men I interact with. But like a crack addict I go back for more. Its like deep in my sub conscious  I secretly hope that the truth of the zodiacs is a bunch of crazy that wont define my love life. Welp! So far the zodiacs have been winning. I am still hopeful for that one Scorpio that will prove me wrong. But for now, Happy Birthday All You Bastards! As you remain a constant reminder that y’all are my kryptonite!



3 thoughts on “LIOG…My Kryptonite is Scorpio Men ♏️

  1. Girl, hahaha. I feel you. Scorpios are the worstttttt! Never been with one. But as a Libra, I’m supposed to be super compatible with everyone, right? Especially other Libras!!! My worst relationship has been with a Libra. Lol. Go figure.
    Stay away from the stinger, girly. 😉

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    • Lol! 😂😂Don’t worry, any guy I’m interested in I ask them right away what’s their sign. I’m trying my best not to repeat history.
      I’m not compatible with men with my sign either lol. The problems start in the acquaintance phase 😂

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      • Hahah, I wish my problems started in the acquaintance phase – it would save me a lot of time and heartache hahaha. Nah, mine gets difficult in the actual dating/together phase. -__- lol

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