LIOG…Patois 101 (Jamaican Slang)Β 

This is Part II to a glimpse into my cultural background. Previous post was about Soca Music and all the songs that I consider my faves, but I thought it would be extremely difficult to do the same thing with Jamaican Dancehall. Oh by the way, for any of my readers wondering, I’m actually Jamaican😊. I listen to almost all the dancehall songs but my fave artists are Vybz Kartel and Aidonia. And all my fave songs from them are explicit so I decided not to go the music route with this post. 
Like all countries, Jamaica is filled with crime, violence and political corruption. Economy is in a pile of shit and praying for a miracle to end the chaos. But I am going to focus on the positives because I know my people are some of the colorful and talented individuals that you will ever meet. And I am proud of my country and to be a Jamaican! 

So though my backyard is literally the beach. 


And the kush is on point 🚬 lol. And the food! Oh my it’s like having an orgasm in your mouth lolπŸ˜‹. I thought, why not make a post to teach a few Jamaican phrases. For any of my readers that want to visit or probably have been to Jamaica. 

Oh by the way, I need to make this clear! Jamaica has one official language and it’s English. We speak a dialect called Patois (Pronounced “pat-wa”). It’s just a series of slang phrases that transformed into our own language. For any Jamaican its not a dialect that’s easily forgotten but within Jamaica there are different variations to how Patois is spoken. Just a slight difference though. Ok I feel like I’m complicating things so let me just get into the list of Jamaican phrases that are useful to know !! 😁😁 

The one phrase everybody should know. 

“Wah gwaan” – what’s up? 

The other phrases 

“A so di ting set” – that’s the situation 

“Dat shot” – that’s awesome (I don’t even know if people still say that, I’ve been away too long 😳) 

“Do road” – to go out 

“Goodaz” – sexy woman 

“Gyalis” – a player; a guy that has a lot of women 

“Loud up di ting”- gossip 

“Pree” – to examine (I use this constantly my Burmese bestie started saying this, among other words πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) 

“Yuh done know” – you understand 

“Up up” – awesome 

“Jeezum Pees”- OMG 

“Me deh ya” – everything is good

“Weh yuh deh pon” – what are you up to? 

“Likkle more” – see you later 

And this one I feel is an important word; “nyam” it means to eat. 

There are so many other phrases but to be honest I’m not even sure if people still say them lol. I tried to write them the simplest way so that the pronunciation wouldn’t be too off. But I feel like if you know these phrase you are on your way to speaking like a Jamaican πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š


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