LIOG…Happy Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃

giphy-facebook_sIts my favorite time of the year!! I don’t know where to start! I love everything! The Disney Halloween movie binge watching, horror movie marathons with the besties, pumpkin spice lattes, haunted houses, pumpkin carvings, the fall leaves, the parties with the sexy/innovative Halloween costumes or the discount candy I buy the day after Halloween! No matter how old I get I think I will always love Halloween. There is nothing I hate about this day! I am just patiently awaiting tonight’s mischief; which will involve a lot of booze. ( Everything done responsibly of course).

Every year, I struggle to pick a costume but this year I am just going as ‘single’. Bath robe, hair wrap, with a pint of ben & jerrys in one hand and my cat in the other hand. I am serving realness this Halloween lol. Every year I spend all this money on costumes, this year I am going to be cheap.

So here are some DIY Costume Ideas!

Nothing say timeless classic than being a Ghost


  • All you need is a white sheet and cut two holes for the eyes and you are good to go!

Geek Look!


  • You need to raid your grandpa’s closet for this look. Suspenders and glasses. Wrap tape in the middle of the glasses. If you are lucky then take a pair of his pants as well and ensure the shirt is tucked in tight.

Big Kid

  • You need a onesie jammie, if you are a girl get those pigtails in and grab a stuff teddy.

Men In Black


  • All you need is a black suit and a pair of shades!


  • If you got costume make up with edge black leather clothing. Then you are one step to being a rockstar, but get your other friends so you can be the entire rock band.


  • For anyone that watches and loves Futurama. All you need is a white top, black pants and a white single-eye mask. I thought  this was such a cool costume.



  • Doug anybody?! For this look you will need a green shirt, red cape, khaki shorts, white briefs and a brown belt. Mhmm I wonder I could pull off this look for tonight.

There are a bunch of other costume ideas but I think these are simple if you aren’t looking to spend any money on a Halloween costume or if the costume you’ve order just did not come on time.

And if you are going to stay home and binge watch horror movies! Well don’t forget to add Freddy Krueger, Jason and Michael Myers to the list.


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