This literally just happened a few minutes ago but I am so heated right now!

Typically I am not the type to answer calls from an anon number but I am currently branching out for international job opportunities so I am forced to answer random calls. Its one thing to have scammers and telemarketers already annoying me but this call I did not need whatsoever!

The number calls and this girl is on the other line frantically asking for a Donovan. I don’t know any person called Donovan and quite irritated that she was speaking to me like this. She then jumps to the conclusion that I am currently with Donovan and calls me a bitch. In the midst of all her shouting I said, “I don’t know Donovan you have the wrong number”. Being very rude and irrational, she continued with the derogatory name calling. I was already having a sucky day and was not in the mood. 


So I was not the one she wanted to try! I can be the sweetest person but disrespect is what I was not about to take! #clapbackstrong ๐Ÿ’ช. Needless to say I gave her a good dose of reality and sent her on her way. I don’t know if realizing the error that she had actually dialed the wrong number she sent a text message apologizing.

But I am here thinking WOMEN!! WHY DO YOU HAVE MEN, HAVING YOU DOING THESE CRAZY ASS SHIT!!! Like this girl is looking extra dumb. How are you going to go off on a complete stranger. What happened to phone etiquette!? No matter how upset you are, at least find out if you called the right number. Then, you can continue the verbal assault, and ensure that the guy is the one receiving all the negative energy.

I have high morals, so I don’t believe in all this side piece situation.  Its something I am just not about! If a guy is checking for me and I find out he has a girlfriend! Boy best believe I am telling on you! Just don’t do it! I can go from sweet to petty! I don’t want a relationship like that and I hope the guy would respect me enough to not go that route. So I found it so crazy that she would come at me when she really needs to check her man. There is always two sides to a story. She’s calling me a bitch and hoe, thinking I am the side piece but what if I was actually the wife or he’s been lying to me as well! I feel a situation like that you need to handle it between you and the man.

Plus where were her friends in the mid-rant crazy! A ride or die friend will calm the person down. Let her know that they going to catch him in the act and get that evidence. Not allow you to do irrational things looking stupid. That’s what the friends are for; to balance out the crazy.

I am so shocked by the entire situation but I guess that what happens when a person is in love. Logic leaves and emotions try to take up permanent residency.


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