LIOG…Tinder Disaster 😩😩

After writing about my friend’s catfish situation. I thought might as well share this story time.

When Tinder had just come out, it wasn’t just a hook up app. My friends were having luck and going on blind dates with some cool people they met on there. So I thought, it wouldn’t kill me to join. I was oooooh so wrong! With the level of psycho I had experienced I had a better chance finding someone sane at a bar. It sucked because at the time I wasn’t even desperate to find someone. I was loving my life but I just wanted to join in the hype. And in doing so I possibly found Norman Bates’ brother. (If you watch the movie Psycho you should get this reference).

Let me break down how Tinder works for those that don’t know what it is. It’s an app created to link with one’s Facebook and give prospective suitors located in a close mile radius to where you reside. With each prospect you click the option yes or no, until you found someone that matched. So that’s basically Tinder!

I got a few matches, but this guy had this funny movie reference in his about me section which made me laugh. Plus he wasn’t unattractive…just bat shit crazy. Anyways this was red flag number 1. I had told him which school I was attending at the time. This dude lived like 2hrs away and we hadn’t made any plans for when we would link up. He randomly shows up at my school with baked brownies and flowers. Y’all don’t know how much I was freaking out! This was the middle of the week, not even the weekend! Plus we weren’t even talking for a week for it to be that serious. I don’t know what made him think it was a smart idea to come to my campus uninvited. I disposed of the brownies, I was so convinced he had poisoned them 😳. Anyways I tried to play it off, and we went on a coffee date. Date was a little awkward but I assumed he was just trying to impress me. I gave this dude no indication that I was into him because I was still weirded out by the unexpected visit.

Red flag number 2! He came back the following day! His crazy ass drove back to my campus. Now he was aware of my dorm building but had no idea which room I lived in. At the time I had a single and to enter the building one needs keycard access. This dude gets in the building and found my room. Naturally there are door decks with our names. I took mine down! And he still found my room!


When I saw him knocking through my peephole, I wanted to shit bricks. But I was blasting music in my room, so obviously I was inside. I opened the door and this dude hugs me like we’ve been dating since forever. I’m freaking out on the inside. I’m like wtf dude, don’t you have work or a life. So being petty I said, “umm can’t hang out, I have an exam”. He replied and said he’ll be quiet while I study. In my head I’m like, ‘shit I gotta actually fake study’. Then came Red flag number 3! This dude wanted me to sit in his lap while I studied and hold his hand. At this point I wanted to shoot myself😫. I hated myself for joining Tinder. I needed to get rid of this guy pronto. So I took him to the university bar, and told him to hit the road. Of course I said this very nicely and around witnesses that knew me. Just in case he didn’t handle the break up well.

A few days passed and I’m thinking I’ve averted a natural disaster! Nope here came the eye of the storm! Red flag number 4! He began calling my phone non-stop! I answered once and he was asking for a second chance. I told him no and hung up. I blocked his number. Then came the text messages from an anon number. He threatened to put my information on porn sites, that he’ll ruin my reputation and that I’m a slut. I’m not going to lie, I was so scared. I walked with a pocket-knife; I’m from Jamaica I’m not trying to be a victim. I even went as far as carrying my rape whistle; the one they give out freshman year. I ignored the messages and eventually they stopped. I assumed his crazy ass got commited to the looney bin or he found another victim.

Since that experience, I’ve avoided any form of dating or hook up sites.



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