LIOG… My Ride or Die! πŸ‘―

The unspoken fact is that girls understand girls. Whether we like each other or not. We all communicate on this telepathic wavelength that we don’t even have to use words to understand each other. Guys I am sorry but we are too complex creatures for you to try to understand. For the guys that crossed that threshold! Kudos to you because I know the path to reaching that level of understanding was not easy and you probably still struggle dailyπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š. So take my advice, if you’ve found that girl that you both just get each other on some unexplained level, she’s a keeper.

Last weekend I was partying with my ride or die bestie! We basically think alike. Both of us together are like Bonnie & Clyde on crack! We like to have crazy fun!  We are sex fiends and alcoholics 🍻 lol. Our friendship is on a planet by itself. So the club was packed and the place is just lit πŸ”₯. Everyone is partying hard and having a great time. I got a little Jack Daniels in my system and I’m just in a  good state. This is when we both stop using words and begin to communicate telepathically. Our minds are in sync so that means we have each others back. We feed off each others energy; can tell when its time to leave,  whether we going to take uber home, is a guy annoying the other or is it time to hit up Denny’s. All things expressed via eye contact. So I brought up this club experience because I feel like in this environment most guys are NOT understanding the obvious. Not because I am tipsy does not mean I am not cognitive of my environment.  All responses are given in the less offensive manner because I am a nice person. But if my inner thoughts were allowed to reply…

Here are the typical club scenarios:

Guy: Can I buy you a drink?             Me: Mhmmm thanks but you didn’t have to.

In reality, I am letting you know I could have bought my own drinks, you will not take me home but I am giving you 5 minutes to prove me otherwise.

or I’ll say,  “Thank You”

If I did not make any further acknowledgements, I am not interested in even having a conversation. Don’t feel bad, God  loves an altruistic person!

Most guys automatically take this as a green light. That the girl is fully interested. But that’s not reality. You might be wondering if I am not interested why accept the drink. I feel like that’s a bigger curve and quite insulting. Who am I to deny free booze.

Then there is the dancing and this will depend on the specific club; but this is typically a pop/hip hop environment. Either get asked or someone starts grinding from the behind.

The grinding from behind I hate the most. I will stand up stiff as a board. That is the most serve curve I could give in the club. So save oneself from the embarrassment and just ask if I would like to dance. I don’t speak for all girls but a guy that asks I have more respect.

If the guy does ask and I say “nah I am good”. Its honestly not a curve because I respect the guy for asking me. I just don’t want to dance because I am with my girls or I am just not interested.

Or I’ll probably not respond and ignore. That’s a sign to not even force the question again. I’m probably in a pissy mood and the guy is about to feel a severe curve unless he removes himself from the blast zone.

Or I will smile 😊 and say “I am not in the mood”. Then that means the guy is cute as fuck and I will hate myself in the morning for denying him. But its a no ditch friends night.

If I do say yes, its literally like an interview. I don’t do pity dances πŸ™ˆ unless the person is cute 😍 or I genuinely like the personπŸ’ .I need to dance with someone that knows how to work my waistline. #facts. A bad dancer kills my party vibe lol. The guy gets one song to show me that he can dance. If I am dancing the whole night with him, that’s A+ dancing and I will give him my phone number.

I am the kind of party animal that parties with everyone! I will turn up with young, old  & different cultural groups! My party game does not discriminate. [ I will share the Vegas stories on a rainy day lol.] I am just that kind of fun person that carries that energy. As a Jamaican I can dance with a person and have a zero sexual connection. That Jamaican whine confuses many. So any assumption that I will automatically have sex with the guy pisses me off. Huge cultural difference! But many guys don’t seem to understand. The “no” means No! The words coming from my mouth and my inner thoughts are in sync. Any form of aggressive persuasion will force my body in a defensive mode and I will kick you in the nuts and spray mace in your eyes.

This specific night, I was dancing with a guy and he starts aggressively grabbing my body. I told him to stop. He continued so I am fed up. Angry drunk is not a pretty sight. So I’m ready to walk away. He grabs my arm and its like my telepathic powers with my bestie must have went off because she was there in the blink of an eye. She pushes this guy to the ground with zero hesitation and smiled at me. Within that smile, she and I knew it was time to leave and get Denny’s.

A friendship like that I cherish! So shout out to my ride or die πŸ‘­ for always having my back! 


And guys don’t be that dick at the club. Just take the L and keep it moving. No one likes to party with an aggressor, it’s a buzz kill! 


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