LIOG…Song and Quote !! (throwback edition) πŸŽ§πŸ’ΏπŸ‘΅πŸ“œ

The whole day I was in a Pop genre kind of mood🎢, and song for the day was totally going to Elle Goulding. I’ve been playing her song On My Mind on repeat a couple times today. But my iPod did this weird shuffle because it started playing music outside of the playlist I was listening to and went straight to the K-Pop side! I don’t know what new k-pop is like now, but in high school I loved listening to that kind of music. It was the most random music phase in my life because I was literally fan girling certain groups. My parents just didn’t understand me especially since my K-pop phase emerged after my punk rock phase. I went from everything black to everything pink. Crazy transition lol. So I want to share my fave song from this K-pop era. Its Mirotic by TVXQ. This should show up my age since they are no longer a group 😳

I loved them! I thought they were so pretty lol. I don’t  regret this phase in my life.

Quote for the day comes from my grandma,

Scawnnful dawg nyam dutty pudd’n (Scornful dog eats dirty pudding)

-Jamaican Proverb

Which means; ‘A picky person will unknowingly participate in less than wholesome things.’

Have a great day!



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