LIOG…Skiing🎿, Kush🚬, Booze🍷 and The Snow Storm Wedding❄️👰

The events that I am about share could only take place in COLORADO!


Last Christmas, I was the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding. She lives in Crested Butte, Colorado; a very small and quaint ski town. As the maid of honor, I had very little duties as it was a small wedding and her mother had pretty much planned everything. I just needed to show up and look cute. Of course, keep the bride as sane as possible, which I might have overdone on the bachelorette night. Because there was vomit everywhere!

I had my own reservations on the rushed nature of the wedding. The guest list had zero of our college friends and were filled with strangers and very little family. But I was going to Colorado. Where the weed activity was legal! I know this is bad to say but I think the entire bride and groom party was high the whole weekend. Its a miracle we all made it through that wedding because it was nothing but booze and kush. I was the only one in the bridal party that’s never been to Colorado so the altitude sickness was real! I drank a glass of wine and I felt like I had just taken 6 shots. My kidneys were definitely not happy with me. *Tip: Hydrate! Even if you don’t think you’re thirsty! You better drink water!*

I got to Colorado before anyone else. Specifically for selfish reasons lol. I wanted to check out the ski slopes. I had never skied in my life. So I’m thinking it would be totally fun. Fun is not the word to use for my first time! Exhausting! Tiring! The clothing was so heavy, I felt like gravity had increased tremendously on my body. I was out of breath the whole time. And lets not forget the altitude sickness. And when I fell it was a struggle just to get back up. I eventually gave up and just took a bunch of selfies lol. If given the opportunity I think I am going to try snowboarding. And if that fails then at least I tried.

Leading up to the wedding, the snow storms just got worse. A lot of people had canceled because they were unable to fly in. I had asked if there were any plans to have the wedding inside. I am not trying to catch pneumonia in Colorado. I was told yes, but if it snowed they would still have the wedding outside. I’m thinking oh there is going to be some form of covering. Nope! The day of the wedding, nooooo covering! For my friend’s sake I was really trying to put on a smile and push through but I was so pissed. It was like standing in the rain for a wedding, it made no sense to stay outside. The groom was Jewish and I had to hold up the huppa (the wedding canopy). Wearing a strapless dress while huge pelts of snow flakes tried to blind me. And what made it worse they turned off the outside heater. I was so convinced they were out to kill us all. I put on a brave face for 5mins and after that I was just upset. Which showed in the wedding pictures lol. I was not having it! Hair was soaked and I was cold. What was even dumber was trying to light paper lanterns in the blizzard. I guess they were going to do everything they had planned but the weather was against them. So I don’t know why they were  trying to fight with mother nature. Weirdly enough, the best man and I were the only ones to successfully have our lanterns float away. My anger probably fueled the lantern lol.  A few persons lanterns caught on fire so the fire extinguisher had to be present. That section of the wedding was a hot mess.

The reception was little awkward because it was filled with strangers. The bride and groom party were the only young people at this wedding. Everyone else was literally 50 and over. And luckily we all had chill personalities, because none of us knew the other. The things kush weed and booze can accomplish. It forced us in a crash course of friendship because our energy made the wedding way more fun. The wedding took place a few days before Christmas and a lot of people got stranded in Crested Butte. But it would be a cold day in hell if I spent my Christmas in the airport. I had flown in from a different town and left just in time before the snow storm reached that area. I had planned Christmas in Miami and I was not about to miss out on that.

 Colorado was definitely fun. Wedding had more downs than ups but I got too much love for the bride to not wish her the best in the new chapter of her life. Plus she was putting up her party boots, so I was more than happy to help her party like its her last while potentially leaving her with alcohol poisoning lol.


15 thoughts on “LIOG…Skiing🎿, Kush🚬, Booze🍷 and The Snow Storm Wedding❄️👰

      • Thank you….I will. The more you comment on other’s blog and said customizing your blog. The better the interaction and following. It won’t all come at once. I been at this for over 6-8 years to point I am making money from writing. I had to love what I was writing and go through the struggle. As how I got your back, I never had that. People can be selfish with information these days and in the past. But not me, I like to help.

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      • But yes, there is money in blogging or writing. It took a long while for the opportunity to come up, but if you apply yourself and keep writing for the love of it and sharing your blog will be richer in content that way. Once people here there is money in it, it usually corrupts them.


      • Well we all go through a bit of writers block no and then. It happened to be many times…But you got to remember, a blog is not all about your own life, or only just words. You can make it whatever you want and post whatever you want. There is no exact rules to it. You just got to be happy being you, and appreciate your unique features and style and people will love you for that. It’s just as how you may have a favorite actor or music artist. You enjoy them, support them and grow with them as they develop and change.

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      • I am happy to hear that… That’s awesome. That’s one of my main reason for writing. It’s just for me to document life and my experiences. Even if it’s only me reading my writings or seeing my photography, it’s great to have a collection. Well you have nothing to worry about. I am be here as a spectator cheering you on. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      • Lastly, Once you change your theme and say add a sidebar on your blog, you will see the difference. Via people can get to more of your writings easily, click the follow button easier. You got to set up your blog to be super easy and user friendly. When people got to look for things, that’s when they leave, they will only see last 2 things you wrote and if no interested bounce. So it’s important to give them a chance you see more in plain view and that will help them stay longer on your blog.

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