LIOG…New Hobby šŸŽø

I’ve been in the mood to learn something new. Now how long I will stick with this new venture is still debatable lol.

But I’m going to learn to play the guitar. Yes! I have decided to play the guitar. (Still trying to keep the rock band idea alive šŸ˜‚). I feel sorry for my neighbors lol. And I can only imagine my cats will try to kill me in my sleep šŸ˜‚. I’ve learned how to play the piano and drums and thought it wouldn’t kill to know how to play a stringed instrument. So I took this acoustic guitar that was just gathering dust at my grandparents house. Now, what will be truly difficult is the fact that I am struggling to cheat tune the guitar or just to actually tune it. But I will get it because I am extremely motivated. But unlike piano and drum lessons I had instructors. But my only instructor for playing the guitar shall only be YouTube lol.  So I really don’t know how long this drive and dedication will last šŸ˜³.

Wish me luck on this new hobby šŸ˜Š. And if any one can play the guitar and have tips for a newbie! Please share them in the comment section šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š Thanks in advance!


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