LIOG…”Why be a Knockoff, the Original is Waaayyy Better!”

First of all I feel like I need to get this off my chest. People! its okay to live within your means. No need to stunt and prove anything to anybody. Hard work and dedication reaps success; for some the journey maybe longer than others. Remember material possessions are fleeting. Real life is not  a status update. Be more concerned with how your life feels than how it looks.

My thoughts above are a little jumbled because I am still trying to process how society has reached to this point. I am just tired of this competition to spend money beyond our means. This faΓ§ade I see many on social media display. Stunting with this excess amount of cash when your kids child support isn’t being paid. Wearing designer clothes to clubs and parties when you’re drowning in credit card debt. Eating out at restaurants everyday while living in your parents basement. Driving in expensive cars and cant afford to put gas in it. Spending money on the newest Jordan’s or hover boards when the rent isn’t paid. I feel for many, our priorities and ideals are sooo messed up. Things we need to care about, are neglected and tossed to the sidelines and social image is more important.

Yesterday I found out this person I was recently introduced to was arrested for the dumbest reason. At the beginning of the year, my college friend had planned a trip to Puerto Rico and I was invited to come along. By summer I had realized I wouldn’t have the expenses to make the trip. I would be spending all this money and come home and cant even buy ramen noodles. So I declined my invite to come on the trip. My friend understood, she even offered to help pay for some of the expenses. I was appreciative of her offer, but the trip was just not working into my financial budget. Another friend realized that she also could not afford to go on the trip. But instead of saying something, she allowed her pride to fuel her dumb shit actions. She decides to steal her co-worker’s credit card and pay for her airfare and hotel expenses. I still cant comprehend why she would resort to such extreme  actions. I don’t know if she’s afraid to be looked down upon, but who the fuck cares! Her friends are extremely understanding and willing to help. She’s a mother of two small children and she’s now on her way to prison! I feel like when she thought about doing this, she didn’t even think about the influence this would have on her children. She chose to ruin her life for  1 week in Puerto Rico. She’s my Facebook friend and it literally blows my mind. I keep asking myself why the lies. Pictures of her partying every week, and barely financially stable.  It’s hard for me to wrap my head around her actions. Sigh.

This morning I went on Instagram, which I always do every morning like a crack addict.  An “insta-famous” person had me smirking. All his posts were of him in Cartier jewelry and talking about “getting them coins” or “making them pieces hit”. He recently made a gofundme page asking for his supporters to contribute to his birthday bash while asking for this crazy amount of money. Of course, E V E R Y O N E !! attacked him for his crazy gofundme page and found the request quite insulting. I was honestly waiting for the punch line because I was convinced it was a joke. But I couldn’t get mad. It’s the first time I saw this person for a regular individual. He’s a hustler by nature and that part of him he has carefully sugarcoated in his videos. That part of him disguised in humor to gain followers and build his likes. Everyone liked that part about him. But quick to ostracized him for the real him. Sigh our society is so fucked up!

I would like to say I am a neutral party, but I have done stupid stuff for social media. But then, that tiny voice in my head says “this isn’t you! what is gained from the lies? isn’t it better to be you!”. I don’t need to pretend! I am awesome just the way I am. Not everyone will approve, but I don’t need approval from anyone to be myself.



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