LIOG…”Are You In Denial?” ðŸ¤”🙄😟😖

Late Night Blog Rant!!!

So all my friends have really been inspiring my mini rants for today. And I feel like I need to share this knowledge with all my ladies that actually read my blog.

First thing is first! Stop reading this! And go and read my previous post right now! This is a sequence! And for this rant to make sense you have to go and read  part one.

Ok now that you’ve read part one…let’s continue.


I love each of my friends to death ! But I have to share each of their relationship struggles. All names I have changed up because I know my friends will be reading my blog lol.

Let’s start with My Hispanic Mami Maria

Recently Maria started dating/talking to someone from a dating site. Things get hot and steamy fast. They’ve gone on two dates and already Maria has gotten feelings for Pablo (Yes let’s call him Pablo). Now, Maria’s original intentions was to have fun and keep the relationship sexual. But somewhere in the middle, she realizes she was developing feelings. Pablo recommends that they should go to a hotel and well basically fuck. Both Maria and I are offended by this request. So she spoke to Pablo and wanted to define whatever situation they were having. They were talking almost everyday so Maria wanted to get things straight. But Pablo was not on the same page. He likes her but commitment was not the original intention.  He wants to keep the relationship at it current state and speaks of wanting the relationship to grow. Understandable no need to rush things. But, he’s already cancelled on two dates and prefers to go out with her every time after 9pm. Is she in denial?

My Caramel Latte Cheyenne

Cheyenne is currently in a relationship and the guy only knows her when its convenient. He knows when to pop up when her bank account be flowing. She helps to pay off expenses on his car and does it out of the kindness of her heart.  But he is shady as hell! He will be non responsive for 2-3 days and then catches an attitude when she confronts him. One incident occurred when she asked him to pick her up and he made some excuse that the car broke down. When she just helped him pay for a new engine. My only question is “negro what are you doing with the money????” Is she in denial?

My Afrikan Queen Denise

Denise, 23 has decided that she is going be in a relationship with a guy that’s currently living with his mom, baby mother and son all under the same roof. The baby mother is claiming to still be in a relationship with the guy while he is saying otherwise.Now, this has soooooo many red flags. I don’t even have to ask if she’s in denial. I am almost tempted to give her an ass whooping because I’m mad at her.

My friends definitely don’t deserve these fuckboys! These are awesome girls and deserve wayyy better. And I don’t recommend any girl that is reading this to settle for mediocre. You are phenomenal and you deserve the best of the best. Now I am not saying that you should carry around that insane checklist. Yes ! you know what I am talking about lol. We all have that checklist! He has to be  rich, over 6ft, no kids, has a house and car. (If you found him already I’m jelly! Hold on to him lol). But I believe you have to grow with each relationship. You have to better each other to obtain whatever goals in life you’ve set to achieve. Relationship is a give and take, its not suppose to be perfect. But at what point does one realize that they are taken granted.

Here’s My Survivor Guide Checklist! (You will no longer be a victim to the bullshit! LADIES YOU ARE WORTH MORE!!!)

  • Know your LANE!

This is important because this helps to clarify any misconceptions. Are you the (prospective)girlfriend or friends with benefit. If you don’t know which position you play you can easily be classed as a thot. (Thot; a hoe)And thots get zero respect. (Now I’ve left out the side bitch because I don’t believe in it! And if I am caught in a situation with a side bitch its a wrap for everybody! Crazy is what no guy needs from me).

  • Talking and Dating is not the same thing! 

If y’all talking, this is non-committal! You don’t owe each other nothing. So don’t expect anything from the other person. He’s not your boyfriend. So don’t go embarrassing yourself calling him your man/bae and making him your Man Crush Monday. A relationship takes two people not one!

  • Once the lies start its time to dip!

Don’t trust a shady dude! Trust your instincts that are saying to run. Dishonesty in a relationship  is never good. And typically when the truth comes out more than likely you are the one that is left with a broken heart.

  • If your man don’t pay for shit !

You are his sugar mama! Nothing more than a money bank. Whether you chose to support his broke ass that’s up to you. I advice you to cut him off! He don’t respect you and never will.

  • Y’all only hang out at night

If you not dating a vampire, there  is no reason to only date at night all the time. This is why its important to know your lane. Can easily be caught up in that thot lifestyle unknowingly.

  • Don’t misconstrue Mr. Okay for Mr. My-Shit-Aint-Even-1% Ready

Now I am not knocking any men or women that have any children in their lives. Your lives haven’t stopped moving because you have kids. It takes a strong man or woman to enter into that type of relationship. But when you’re in a messy situation, do not go dragging anyone into your mess. Work on your family and get yourself in a secure state.


Once you have respect for yourself, you will know when you are not being respected. This goes for both males and females. Never settle for anything less because less is all you will receive when you deserve more.

I am sure I’ve left out many other survival tips! So if you have few to add leave them in the comment section. We all are here to help each other out. Or just feel free to leave a comment about anything!


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