LIOG…The Perfect Date šŸ‘«

The Perfect Date? What is that? What makes a date perfect? For most girls we all dream of that fairy tale lifestyle. The castle and our handsome prince charming. The fancy ball with the glass slipper experience.   We can all thank Disney for fueling these childhood fantasies. Well if we’ve all been living in the same world, we know that only a small percent of people get to experience this fairytale fantasy. The other percent waddles through the muck until its their chance.

Then it hits me, my generation is completely void of any form of romance…or maybe I am just old-fashion. But God forbid if there are actual dates anymore. Its like we text/sext on the phone for a few days and then comes Netflix & Chill.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sex. Sex is fun. But there must be more to life than this shit. I recently saw a meme on Instagram and it said ‘the look on your face when you took her out for dinner and you didn’t get your dick sucked’ . Of course, a fuckboy must have made this, but it got me feeling like all men secretly think this. Like because they spend any money for a woman’s satisfaction, that they are obligated something in return. I feel like if there is any sexual chemistry right off the bat then lets work from there but it irritates me that it has reached this point that’s its considered a norm. The free garlic biscuits from Red Lobster should not warrant an automatic blowjob šŸ˜’šŸ˜’.

Now, my brother is a womanizer. I love him to death but he a fuckboy by nature. Absolute sweet talker! He doesn’t even do much, that it literally blows my mind how he hypnotizes the panties off women. And what’s even weirder, the girls he’s with, they ALL know that he has  other girls. I will see insta quarrels beneath his posts and wonder why these women reduce themselves to his bullshit. And these aren’t basic randoms. These girls are career & goal oriented but some how have fallen victim to the steaming load of shit that comes through my brother’s mouth. I will never forget this day! I was at the mall with my brother on one of his dates. I was sitting in the food court just waiting on him to finish up so I could get a ride home. Mid-way in the date this other girl walks up, my brother introduces both girls to each other and says to the first girl, ‘well this was somewhat fun but this is my other date for tonight’.


I was so shocked! I was really waiting for the girl to pop off, but all she fucking said was ‘ok‘. She said fucking okay! What blew my mind even more is that they still hung out afterwards. At this point I was aware of my brother’s witch powers. So I developed the ability to spot a fuckboy from a mile away. I DID NOT need that level of stress in my life!

But then I thought to myself… maybe this was a good date for her. I feel its so easy to pick up on a bad dates. I’ve gone on a date with some one of another ethnicity and the whole time he degraded my race while reassuring me that I was different. And of course he couldn’t be a racist without being a sexist. Because he repeatedly stated that I should have worn a tight dress. As if I was less attractive in the clothes I was wearing. (I am not sorry that a lunch date to Panera required me to wear a tight short dress). Or it could be going on a date and having nothing in common but awkward silence. Or spacing out in mid-sentence because you are bored with the conversation. Or going on a online date and having to ditch or get ditched because you weren’t physically attracted to the person. All scenarios of a bad date.

But since there are bad dates, then what will classify as a perfect date. Here’s the thing…a perfect date is whatever you make it… between you and the person you’re with. That’s the only formula to a perfect date. So whether its a romantic dinner with a dozen roses. Or whether it was a walk in the park. A picnic. A walk on the beach. A bike ride. Or even a bad date; where you had to spend the entire time at the ER. Its really the connection you made with the person that makes a date perfect. If you can look back on the moment and find yourself genuinely happy. Well in my book that’s a perfect date.



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