Life is One Great…100th!! 💯

This my 100th post! Now I know this may not be a big deal for a lot of people. But its a big deal to me!!! I am sooo happy I didn’t flake out on this blog life. I’ve been on wordpress for a little over four months and made it all the way to HUNDRED BLOG POSTS!! Lets all just have a dance session for this moment!!


I promised myself that I would try and do one post every week. And so far I have been delivering. I have a lot stories to share as my life is an ongoing rollercoaster. So I know I will have another 100 more posts to come. And 100 more and another 100 more…you get the point.

For all the people that follow me, read my stuff, motivate and gave me advice and critiques! I truly love and appreciate you all! Lets continue this journey together! 😘


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