LIOG…”So I must be trippin’ but did I just meet his family?!?”😳😳

Leave it up to me to be three days into 2016 and already confused about the shit that’s happening in my life. I can tell January shall be interesting…

So I’ve been friends with this guy for awhile now. And I say friends because the relationship is non-sexual and far from boyfriend-girlfriend status. He would always state that I was too much of a good girl or I am typically not his type. I wasn’t even offended by his statements because it wasn’t like I was trippin’ into feelings. I pretty much left him to mold over whatever demons he had about dating a “good girl” or whatever the hell he meant. So this was the dynamic of our relationship; occasional text messages, light flirting, random lunch dates and some fun activity. Like I felt this made us more friends than anything else. Our fun activities were pretty much random. It would be like taking an art class, hitting up a wine tasting, bowling, music festival or gun range.  Well this Saturday we hit up a gaming arcade. Absolute fun! Because I was kicking butt and trash talking, completely forgetting that minors were around me. But I considered it a super fun day. Later,  we go back to his place and I baked cookies and we played FIFA and he straight whooped my ass. But we literally just chilled.

I get home that night a little after midnight and he texts and asks if I wanted to come to his grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. This is like a three hour drive but I was thinking he needed company for the journey. Really wasnt trying to over analyze a trip to grandma’s house especially when free food was involved. Anyways, the whole car ride this dude dodged all questions I tried to ask about his grams. He was pretty much vague and I didnt understand why. Also he was really trying to turn up the sexual aspect of our “friendship” and I wasnt feeling it because it was just fucking with our whole dynamic going on. Now, we get to his grandma house and his WHOLE FAMILY is there!! His parents (I was meeting for the first time), aunts, uncles, couins, second cousin. The whole fucking crew! I dont know why he wouldnt just tell me it was family dinner. Apparently his excuse was that he didnt want to freak me out. And thinking back on it, I probably would try and avoid a family meet up like the plague! I just feel like when someone invites a person to meet their family, it must be serious. Especially since it wasnt like I came with a group of friends…when its just me & him it implies something more in my eyes. Anyways he introduced me as his friend and I am glad he didnt lie and say I was his girlfriend because talk about FUCKING AWKWARD if he did!

Now, he introduced me to a few family members, but I am not a baby. I will talk to everyone, even if he didnt introduce me to the person. I will not be the person to sit in a corner looking. I was in the kitchen prepping and cooking. I’m that proactive b*tch! A few guest there were convinced I was family. Because I will be engaging in conversations, the short time I knew all the family member names & I was playing dominoes. By the end of the night I was not a stranger. His family was just very welcoming so there was no need for me to act awkward or feel out of place. His grandma and mom absolutely loves me! Like freaking adores me!!! (They both said this multiple times)

Now, my intention was never to try and win his family’s affection. I wasnt looking to give them a reason why I should be apart of their family.  Shit I am not even sure I have feelings for this dude on that level. Just as how he’s got me chilling in his friendzone I’ve probably unconsciously placed him in my friendzone ( and once a dude is placed in my friendzone its inescapable).  But my personality just seems to constantly ooze awesomeness. I dont want anyone to feel awkward around me. So I am very friendly and sociable. This is when the night took an awkward turn. Grandma is blessing the food and says “bless *insert guy’s name*’s girlfriend, she is just a joy and delight to meet”.


I’m here like grams all you had to do was bless the food, why am I in the prayer and I am not his girlfriend. So with that awkward prayer I had to explain to most people that we were really good friends. His uncle, embarassingly gave him a heart to heart to let him know I am wife material. Y’all see why I would definitely have rejected the invitation if he was upfront. I wasnt even his girlfriend material, how did I just get updated to wife material. I wasnt tweaking out on the situation until I found out I was the first girl to come to grams house at their annual New Years dinner. Like seriously am I trpping?? Isnt it awkward that he would bring me to this event??? And he’s had previous girlfriends that he could bring. Like its just weirding me out a bit becuase our friendship isnt even on that level. Especialy since, he’s apparently so perplexed about where I fit in his life. Sigh shit just got fucked up.


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