LIOG… Ima need Life Alert! ðŸš‘🚨🚨🚑

The weekend is here!!! The weekend thats suppose to put things into perspective with my love life! So I’ve already made 3 posts about this guy, so its time to give him a fake name. Mhmm lets say his name is Jake…yep like Jake from State Farm. He looks more like a Jake anyways lol.

You know that life alert advertisement with the old lady on the floor saying ‘help I’ve fallen and I cant get up’.


 Welp! I am beginning to feel like this old woman because I’ve tripped into a pit of feelings and I am experiencing a minor… a MAJOR PANIC ATTACK. 

So here’s the RECAP. In the beginning Jake and I tried to date but it didn’t work out the first time. In almost a year we became really close friends. We hung out a lot but our relationship was never sexual. He took me to his family’s annual New Year party which I found was a little awkward. Only for him to confess he had strong feelings for me. I was all sorts of crazy when he told me and didn’t know what to do with the information. So I gave him a weekend to prove to me why we should try this relationship thing again. Which brings me to today!

So before I start…I have a confession to make, I am internally freaking out about whatever this potentially could be. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts today that it was a zero work productivity kinda day. My nerves were all over the place. I was literally freaking the fuck out to meet up with a friend that has seen me in my lows and have told some of my darkest secrets. Weird right??! I don’t know if I am scared because I am thinking of the potential negatives that stem from losing my close guy friend or just guarding my heart and afraid to let anyone else inside. Well whatever it is, my emotions are all over the place 😩😩.

It’s day 1 in Sharih wooing. Honestly Jake did a pretty good job 👍. We hung out so much I was wondering what he could possibly plan. But he did the most unconventional thing which was really cute. This afternoon, I met up with him. And he’s all excited for the date. This dude drives to an animal shelter and he had already signed us up as volunteers. There was a form I had to fill out but we had the go ahead to start helping out. I wasn’t dressed up too fancy, this was like almost 4pm in the afternoon with the temperature in the 60s. So blue jeans and a nice top and scarf. Plus it was Jake, I didn’t really put in an effort to ‘WOW’ him in my clothing. I know thats sort of bad lol. But its a good thing I didn’t. We get there near closing time so all we did was put out fresh food & clean litter boxes. At one point we weren’t together because he was being trained to do something in the dog kennel section while I was folding laundry and washing up cat & dog bowls. They had three rooms filled with cats!😻😻 And I wanted to adopt them all! One room had sick cats and the other two rooms were in the front for cats that were up for adoption. I didn’t spend time around the dog section but I think I saw like 4-5 dogs in the kennels. Initially I wanted to do everything super quickly so I could play with the cats. But with Jake, I was slacking a bit and it took almost an hour just to clean the litter boxes and put fresh food in the cat bowls. He is such a fun distraction. But I did get to play with the cats for maybe 20mins before we left. According to him, we now have a thing. We are going to try and volunteer once a month at that shelter. I thought that was cool since we both  have busy schedules.

I love to volunteer and give back. So for him to take an interest in my interests and want to do it together is really cute. I feel like a lot of you would be like wtf! But I know he really put thought into this and I appreciate that.

We went back to his place for a little. He wanted to change because he was covered in fur. He was acting all flirty, trying to get me out my clothes. But I had on my cock block 2000.


He was not getting in my pants! no matter how much the hoe life called out for me.

Later, we went to this sushi bar and we pretty much talked. Our conversations flow so well because we know each other. He was trying his hardest to spark that romantic flame. I felt a little guilty because I was dismissive at times. Like I know his flirt tactics and sometimes he would say something I know he’s used on other girls and my defense wall goes up. Like my mind is saying ‘guuuuurl this boy gotchu fucked up if he thinks you’re one of his hoes’. But I know I am just overreacting. After dinner, we checked out this bar nearby that had a live band playing. With a little alcohol I was more comfortable and we acted more like a couple. The hoe life was calling my name! Screaming “sharih, welcome back to the fold!” He was in my neck…ooo jesus! You know its my spot Lord. I began wondering if I had told him that was my weak spot. I am sooo glad I went in this date with a strong will. I needed to be certain about this entire thing and the last thing  I needed was sex to start complicating shit.

Anyways tomorrow’s agenda starts at 9am. So I am excited to see what he’s got planned! 😬😬Will keep you guys updated with my love saga lol.


7 thoughts on “LIOG… Ima need Life Alert! ðŸš‘🚨🚨🚑

  1. HAHAHAHA what is your cock block 2000? I’m assuming its a metaphor for something to do to ensure that there is no way in hell that you’ll be letting anyone undress you that particular night/day/weekend/holiday? pray tell 🙂 I’m so excited to read about what he plans for you guys to do tomorrow! He sounds like a really nice guy. Depending on why it didn’t work the first time, I’d say, give him another chance 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my cock block 2000 are my granny panties 😂. I purposely wore because there was no way in hell I was going to take off my pants wearing them lol
      I am excited for tomorrow as well! He got an A+ for today’s date so I can’t imagine what’ll he’ll do tomorrow

      Liked by 1 person

      • haha Yeah- sometimes the granny panties don’t do it – especially if its someone who you regard as a friend before anything. You are strong! For someone like that, I’d have to not shave my legs just for good measure!

        Liked by 1 person

      • He’s seen me at my worse so I really had to be strong. I was so close to embracing my inner hoe lol. I might have to wear another pair of granny panties tomorrow and pray for strength. I don’t know how long I can hold out

        Liked by 1 person

      • Girrlll.. if the pussy cat is looking prim and proper, I think you’re going to have a problem! Especially if he continues acting the way he is! My absolute Iron Clad, as in no one man could ever enter – is letting the “lawn to go unkept” for a week or two before the date but you do not have that time! I’ll pray for you! LOL xo

        Liked by 1 person

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