LIOG…”He’s Done The IMPOSSIBLE! He Escaped MY FRIENDZONE!!” πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜±

Ladies and Gentlemen!! Let’s give Jake a round of applause! HE NO LONGER HAS PERMANENT RESIDENCY IN MY FRIENDZONNNEEEE!!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Friendzoners all over the world need to be taking a shot of tequila for his huge accomplishment! 🍻

I might be in my emotions right now but I feel happy. Never thought I would feel this happy. If this works out in the long run, for all my readers you are now apart of a special milestone in my life.

This weekend was an eye opener. I  realize that it’s okay to love and be loved,  so I told Jake we would give this relationship thing a chance. Though I am scared out of mind! I am going to take a leap of faith  and not think too much on the what-ifs and just go with the flow.

So yesterday Jake had me up early ! He told me to be ready by 9am so that means I’m getting up 2hours early so that I’ll get ready on time. His ass doesn’t pick me up until almost 11am. His excuse was that he knew I took long to get ready so he had to tell me an earlier time. *rolls my eyes* I know he was probably still sleeping or woke up late. Anyways once we touched the highway, he refused to tell me where we were going. I guessed a few places but I didn’t know how long we were even going to be driving. So I just gave up and enjoyed the car ride. We were in the car turning up to trap music for over two hours. Well I was turnt up wayyy more than him lol. We stopped once to get gas. I eventually realized that we were in the direction to his hometown.

I had already met his parents at the New Year party but I didn’t know what to expect so I was a little nervous. Plus I was going to his house…the place where he grew up as a kid. So I was anxious, scared, excited, tense and on edge.

His mom took me by surprise, she greets us at the door and hugged me like I was her long lost daughter. I liked that his mom made me feel like I belonged. I knew she adored me but she really was trying to make me apart of the family lol. He’s apparently close with his mom because she asked if we were now boyfriend&girlfriend. Talk about an instigator to the love saga. I didn’t even get a chance to reply when Jake chimed in and stated I was his girlfriend.


I’m here like, ‘ ummmmm excuse me! when did this happen???!!!’. I didn’t even get a chance to object to his comment when his brother came in the room. His brother is surprisingly really gorgeous. Definitely the athletic one in the family. Jake played football in high school but his brother was playing college football and it definitely showed in his physique. He’s a freshman though, so Jake should be lucky I am not about the cougar life lol.

Jake and his brother left the house and I spent about an hour with his mom. Mother-Daughter bonding I guess lol. She asked me EVERYTHING! And possibly showed me every picture album she had in the house. She is really the nicest person. I know Jake is definitely going to have a much harder time if he met my family. My family has zero chill. ZEEEEROOO! 🚫

Jake comes back to the house and asks if I am ready for the best date of my life. *rolls eyes* 😏 It was a good date but it was really the small things that got me sprung. He knows I am not into like grand gestures… not saying I don’t appreciate them lol. 

He took me to the aquarium which as an animal lover I really liked that. We walked along the boardwalk downtown and got hotdogs from a food truck. We checked out a few boutiques that were downtown. We had froyo. We sat at the frozen yogurt place for a really long time just chilling. It’s late in the night and we met up with one of his college friends and went to a karaoke bar. That was hands  down the highlight of the entire night! I forced him to sing a song with me and I cant sing for shit. We sang drunk in love and it was HORRIBLE!  I was doing my thing on stage, tapping into my inner BeyoncΓ©. I know he was so embarrassed. It was in that small moment that I fell in love with my bestfriend. I had that  feeling of absolute happiness where I  knew there was nowhere else I would rather be. The flushed look on his face will forever be engraved in my memory.

We were downtown until after midnight, just drinking and having a good time. We got back to the house and his mom was up waiting for us. She was so concerned and wanted to reheat dinner and asked if I was hungry. She didn’t stay up for long though, she basically showed me where everything was and gave me a toothbrush. His mom is so sweet!

I was horny as hell but also drunk. I remember making out with him and apparently somewhere in the mix I passed out. I woke up on the couch with the worse hangover. I mustered up some energy and made my way to the bathroom before anyone caught me looking like a hot mess.


Jake was in the kitchen trying to make me breakfast, of course his mom was doing most of the work. He made the toast and poured apple juice and was acting like he was top chef lol. Wasn’t about to tear him down though I was in a good mood. We left his parents house shortly after we ate. And I slept most of the ride home.  

So I’m home, and this weekend’s events are playing on a constant loop in my head😊. I’ve fallen so hard in my feelings that life alert can no longer save me. It was really the small things that made me fall in love. The smile on his face at animal shelter, him being  embarrassed  during karaoke or watching him cook breakfast with his mom. It made me happy to have shared those moments with him. Plus he went above and beyond this weekend and no one has ever done that for me.



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