LIOG…Public Service Announcement

I wanted to make this post to clarify any misconceptions of my blog. My blog is mostly compromised of a series of rants and story time. My opinions are typically written in a heightened state of emotions as a way of venting on any specific issue that has been bothering me or have me questioning something or someone’s action that I just don’t understand. With that said, a post I wrote today can be null and void for a post I probably might write two months from now because I have changed my opinion of a certain subject matter. So the things I publish on my blog aren’t intended to offend or insult anyone’s beliefs or lifestyle.

For example. One of my earlier posts spoke of the disgust of oral sex and me being adamant that I would not suck dick. But if a wrote a post today about oral sex, I would be writing it from another outlook than before. My opinions aren’t set in stone and should not be taken seriously. Also, on issues that I genuinely don’t understand or I am confused about I ask for the advice from my readers. This way I can interact with my readers and listen to their viewpoints. I welcome all opinions and critiques and respect each person’s view. We don’t all have to agree with each other but I will try  and ensure that my comment section is a safe space.

When I started the blog I said I will talk about every and anything with my readers, but if anyone finds anything offensive, they can definitely let me know and I will remove the offensive post within good reason.

Thank You.

From Life Is One Great


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