LIOG… Confessions of a Crazy Girlfriend πŸ”ͺπŸ™ƒπŸ‘€

I am slowly turning into the  crazy girlfriend. Something I have NEVERRR been in a relationship. I am no saint and I’ve had my own share of crazy, jealous & psycho rages. But typically in a relationship I am usually laid back. I give the guy his space so that he can do whatever he wants to do. I am not going out of my way to get his phone password or use find my iPhone to track his current location. The last thing I was going to be is my boyfriend’s correctional officer, this ain’t prison. Get caught fucking up once and I am out! But I must have never loved those guys because Jake is reaching for my crazy.  My crazy is currently buffering.

Now how crazy I will act, depends solely on Jake’s ability to filter certain conversations with me. So what sparked the conflict in our relationship right now…Shay. I thought about changing the name! But no I will not. Shay if you are reading this I am watching you!


Before Jake and I got serious, we were close friends, told each other every and anything. He spoke about a girl named Shay that had feelings for him. Now to my knowledge, they were occasional friends with benefits. And he didn’t talk about her that much. So since we are in a relationship the last person I am expecting to hear anything about is Shay.

Last Wednesday I met Shay for the first time. She works as a bartender at the TGIF near Jake’s house.  On this specific day Jake recommended we sit at the booth when we usually sit at the bar. I didn’t think on it too much. As we are walking through the door, guess who is about to start their shift. Yes Shay! She’s a cute girl; petite with nice curly hair. She was so happy to see Jake as she hugs him.

“hey  Jake I haven’t heard from you in a long time” which is code for I haven’t rode your dick in awhile where you been?

Jake is smiling as he told her that he’s been busy and its good to see her. Now, I am standing there completely unbothered and waiting for Jake to introduce me. (As I said I am typically the laidback girlfriend, takes a lot to put me on the defense or feel threatened). Jake remembering I am standing there, turns and says “oh Shay this Sharih, Sharih this is Shay”. Thinking this over, I am a little tight I wasn’t introduced as his girlfriend but at that moment I wasn’t pressed about it. She looks me up and down and was like “Hey I’ve heard so much about you, nice to finally me you”. I smiled back at her. I am never the one to be fake, so the less I said the better.

Anyways after that encounter, I don’t really care about Shay to ask him any questions about her. She was basically an after thought that was quickly fading. While waiting for the food we ordered, guess who brings up Shay?? Fucking Jake.

“I completely forgot she worked here, she is a freeaakk!”

I’m sitting there like we really gonna talk about a next girl and your sexual encounter with her. Really Jake??!! this is what we gonna do right now. Like right at this moment.


With our relationship we talk about everything but I am going to need homeboy to dial it all the way back. Certain things I just don’t want to hear about again. So I shut down that conversation real quick. I told him the last thing I wanted to do was talk about stale pumpum he use to smash while eating my burger. He dropped the conversation and I  didn’t dwell on it.

However, this weekend was a test to my sanity and tolerance. I’ve always wanted to go to a class to learn how to box or one of those self-defense classes. It’s always something I’ve said to Jake but didn’t really follow through to enroll in one of those classes. So I am over his place and he casually brings up this gym that offered a boxing class and that he’ll pay for my lessons. I am so happy and excited; I am all up on him and ready to suck his dick when this mofo brings up Shay’s name A-GAINNN!

“Yea I was talking with Shay and she recommended this class and how she knows the trainer”


This is the third time in the week that Shay has been the topic of discussion. A topic that he instigated. So the fact that he brings her up so frequently makes me wonder are you second guessing this relationship and why are you two even communicating???

The mood for sex is dead and I am now annoyed.

“why are you talking to her, y’all fucking?”

My response had him so shock. I am sure that’s the last thing he expected to come from my mouth.

“Nah babe, she messaged me after I saw her at TGIF and that conversation came up.”

I am livid because they lost connection and he chose to rekindle a conversation with this girl.

Very calmly I said, “Honestly I know you two were fuck partners,but I am not comfortable with you talking to her

As his girlfriend, I am not expecting him to argue with me on this. He starts calling me jealous and that I was the last person he thought would be insecure about him having female friends. Now I am mad at him and myself because I feel like this shouldn’t be an argument and the fact that another girl was the topic of this argument made me so mad.

But Jake really had me feeling like I had something to be worried about.  The only reason why I was uncomfortable with them staying in contact was that she had feelings for him and he’s human. Not to doubt his will power & restraint. But I was not going to accept…

“it didn’t mean anything”, “it was an accident”, “I love you not her”, “I’m soo sorry!”

If he fucked around and slept with this girl. Actually any girl I will end him! And that’s a promise!





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