LIOG…what’s in your cup this weekend?? 🍻🍻🍸🍹

IT’S THE WEEKKKKEEENNNDDD!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉You know what that means! The nights were meant for drinking and partying with friends.

For all the college masses this means its time to bust out the kegs and jello shots and get ready to get crunked off that jungle juice. You have all worked your asses off this week! You deserve to party the night away! *Make sure y’all drink responsibly, alcohol poisoning is no joke*

For other party animals like myself that are now apart of the working world. Well grab your friends because only henny and tequila can cure any stress caused by an annoying coworker or boss.

I will not forget the mums that take care of their kids 24/7, hun get those kids to bed early and pour yourself a glass of wine or two 😊🍷.

Now, if you don’t drink alcohol that’s fine, as long as you are having a good time this weekend that’s all that matters.

On the weekends I hang out with my girls. The seven of us party hard! And I mean party HARRRDD! Wake up the next morning with the worse hangovers! Bloody Mary please with 2 Advil’s kind of morning. Love them to death! But for all of us, we all experience the alcohol effects differently lol. Hence this post, what kind of drunk are you?

Are you a Sharih??


I am the FUN drunk😄! Super high tolerance, takes possibly 5 long islands and 6 tequila shots for me to be throwing up drunk. (Thank you college for building my tolerance to consume alcohol lol). I am dancing the night away and having a great time. I will party it up with everyone and my energy is infectious. The whole party is hyped up once I’m in the room.

Are you a Helinahh?


She is the emotional drunk😭! Homegirl will be crying for no gaddamn reason! I love her though. Even when she’s crying up the dance floor she’s still dancing. So I don’t mind partying with her. There is no explanation for an emotional drunk. When I asked her what’s wrong, her responses would be, “he didn’t give me his number”, “my feet hurt” or “I’m hungry”.  Crying for ABSOLUTELY nothing!

Are you a Dianne??


She’s the Lightweight drunk🤗! Takes one drink and she is already turnt. We keep her on a 3 drink maximum. Anything else and she’s blacked out! It’s okay to drink at your pace, don’t feel the need to compete with your friends. You will have a bad time if you do.

Are you a Jess??


She’s the sloppy drunk😝. Refuses to accept what her alcohol limit is. Will be taking shots back to back until she’s a hot mess. Good friends take their sloppy drunk friend home. But usually this person is passed in the bathroom in their vomit. No one likes a sloppy drunk.

Are you a Natalie??


She’s the flirty drunk😘. She will flirt with anything! I’ve seen her flirt with a potted plant. She the worse flirt without the alcohol, but her confidence level and sex appeal is on a whole other level with alcohol.

Are you a Dami??


She’s the angry drunk😠. Takes very little to piss her off. She will insult a person into nothingness. Usually the one that will fuel a bar argument. Sometimes the DJ is to blame  for an angry drunk. Nothing sucks more than having a DJ killing the dance vibe with lame ass music.

Are you a Donica?


She’s the sleepy drunk😴. The first person that wants to leave the party. Wants to be home by midnight. A complete buzz kill at times. Typically uninterested with the night life but comes out to party anyways to hang with her friends.

So which drunk  are you?? 😁 If you don’t fall within any of these categories, let me know what type of drunk you are in the comment section.

P.S. You don’t have to be drunk to have fun with your friends. If you can do it sober kudos to you! 🙌



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