LIOG…Embracing the College Life

*Attention all prospective and current college students!*  

This post is specifically for y’all! Shit is about to get real because this will be nothing but tough love.


Forget what you’ve seen on television about college life. You think you will find and marry your college sweetheart. Fun fact only a small percent of us do. You think you will go to college parties and drink to your heart’s content because you are grown. Correction! If you are under-aged and can’t hold your liquor. You can end up with alcohol poisoning. Which will automatically get you an under-aged drinking ticket with the $500 ambulance fee and whatever other charges the hospital chooses to add for pumping your stomach.  A girl in my year group got blacked-out drunk got raped. Campus  parties will not always host people  that go to your school.  Throwing extravagant dorm parties doesn’t make you immune to the laws. If your neighbor is a dick, you can expect local police to be knocking on your door and shutting that party down. And that’s another set of under-aged drinking tickets for all freshmen and sophomores caught drinking at that party. This doesn’t always happen but just be aware and considerate about the people living around you. Any drunken rampage that leads to vandalism of school property will lead to suspension. So if you are using any of the American Pie movies for college material, you may need to rethink your college expectations.

The only accurate part the movies show is the 5 minutes of study sessions caught on screen. This 5minutes of studying is fucking constant! There is always papers to be written, projects to be done, presentations, midterms and finals. Its a constant loop of fucking work. Coffee becomes your bestfriend because sleeping no longer exists. Caffeine and Adderall were my best friends in trying to cope. I don’t know if this is for everyone to be honest. But if  you were like me and have expectations to go to med school GPAs need to remain high. It really helps if you suck up to all of  your teachers. A good recommendation is necessary, so even if you think your teacher is a demon from hell, you put on a big smile on your face and push through.

With all the high expectations and workload, in order to survive college  its about TIME MANAGEMENT AND BALANCE. I had horrible time management. I wrote a previous post about my drug issue. That shit can become addictive fast especially when I wasn’t prioritizing my time properly. But a good balance of fun and study is needed to enjoy college life. Procrastination is not your friend, it just leads to an intense stress level. Netflix will have you all preys to the clutches of procrastination.

I know I mentioned all the horrors with college parties at the beginning of this post but a frat party now and then is necessary. Just don’t get too crunk off that jungle juice.  If you are not the partying type that’s fine. Campus life is always organizing events. Go to these events and hang with your friends. Join clubs or an extracurricular activity. A healthy social life is apart of the college life. Constant studying will have one missing out on the small moments that one should have in college. In a few blinks, reality and responsibilities come knocking. While reminiscing on your college days you should be able to think about the memories. Whether you cringe and wondered why the hell you decided to partake in senior streak with the weather in the 30s. Or smile and think about the jokes you and your friends made together while stuck in the library for hours. You don’t want to look back and regret missing out on all the fun memories you could have in college.

My cousin is currently a freshman at Howard U, and I am honestly concerned that the college life is slowly missing her. She’s an introvert with ZERO friends. It’s scary when I think that she will finish her freshman year not interacting with anyone. Every weekend she comes home and watches Netflix. And she boards on campus but for some reason she doesn’t want to stay on the weekends. I might not be the best cousin to help with her problems but I plan on dragging her over to the dark side. College is where you make some long lasting friendships and freshman year is the perfect time to interact with new people.

The take home message to all of this rant is you all should embrace the college life. Don’t overdose on the college life like I did. Oh my do I have some horror stories that I could share. And don’t be like my cousin and not embrace it all. Find that balance! And you will have an AWESOME time at college!


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