Wtf WordPress! 😑

  I spent the last 3hours writing and editing a new post and previous post and y’all really just ass fucked me! 😠😠😠

Why say auto save and not actually save shit! Ugh! Damnit! I even clicked the save button at the end! Tell me how nothing was even saved in the beginning! Nada! Not even the freaking title! How???? 

I’m going to stick to just using the app version on my phone πŸ˜”


2 thoughts on “Wtf WordPress! 😑

    • Damn that sucks πŸ˜”
      I have no idea what went wrong for me. It said saved, well I thought it was being saved so when I clicked on preview the page refreshed and brought up a blank post page 😠 it’s such a buzz kill. Nothing was even saved in drafts

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