LIOG…its about the People!

I promised myself that my blog would stay away from all things politics and religion. I feel that certain political and religious views can easily be misinterpreted and offensive for some people. And quite frankly I have very little knowledge on certain issues to make a rant fueled by what I’ve seen on the news. But I am going to have to break that promise…

Everyday I watch the steady decline of humanity as greed, disease and violence is on a high rampage and it infuriates the hell out of me!  That anger that consumes quickly turns to sadness and it makes me wonder what can one person do. Historically, every revolution leads to bloodshed and I am not willing to lose my life for the cause. Selfish right? But I’m just trying to survive. Humanity is at a tipping point and I feel only a divine intervention might save us all.πŸ™

I make a conscious effort to be aware of what’s happening in my surroundings. So I have the Washington Post app on my phone, follow CNN on twitter and watch the news daily. I’m the type of person that on average prefers to watch anime but I refuse to live in ignorance. So I try to stay current and educated on global issues. I have a friend that would argue that I’m a drone to the news media, and the information I’ve been fed is meant to control the masses. Basically he believes the news media is full of shit, so he refuses to watch it. It sounds a little ludicrous but there are people like that. I know I don’t live in a bubble. Real issues are happening beyond the four walls of my room and I need to be informed. And whether I choose to believe what I’ve seen and heard on the news is far from the issue. Facts will always remain the facts. For example a news heading could say; 22 year old college student shoots his classmates, 5 dead. The news media takes this long ending crusade to find out the life of the shooter; was there mental illness? is this act of terrorism? what  ethnicity is the person? At the end of the day 5 innocents lives were lost and that will forever be the cold facts. I’m a realist I like to know the facts. Plus I’d like to think I’m not stupid, I was given a brain to analyze the information.

Now I’ve been following up on the electoral campaign both within the US and Jamaica and I have to wonderπŸ€” what motivates these candidates to think they have what it takes to governor a country. To be in charge of a country is not a personal gain. It’s a huge responsibility and the position is a privilege granted by the people and for the people. It doesn’t matter what party one believes should run the country, once all the votes are tallied and counted, a specific party will be sworn into office. And once that happens, I find it completely childish for the leading and opposing parties to remain divided.

Let me talk about Jamaica for a second. Jamaica has two parties; People’s National Party and Jamaica Labour Party. Both groups have different ideologies on how to run the country. Last week Thursday the election was called and instead of focusing on issues that will cause economical growth within the country; a specific party called off the national debate. The party REFUSED to partake in the debate until a formal apology was made by the other party because of comments considered ‘slanderous’. Extremely petty but in the height of a political battle the last thing one needs to focus on is a bruised ego. A perfect opportunity lost to educate the voters on what plans will be taken in the next five years. And whether its just empty promises wavered on a false sense of hope, I feel the people would still like to hear what plans will be implemented. How will they grow as a country? How will the people benefit? Instead the election campaign focused on the petty squabbles.πŸ˜’

And this is the same trend I’ve seen with the internal struggles of the Republican party. All members of one party but the problems that they need to tackle in order to compete with the Democratic party is lost within the name calling and snide remarks among each other. Its almost like a joke at this point.πŸ˜’

A lot of people that hold powerful positions or will hold powerful positions need a reality check. The power given should not be taken for granted. You are a reflection of the people and work for the people. It’s not the other way around.


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