LIOG…It’s Skin Deep

Story time!

I’m a flirt😘…but not by choice lol. I think I am the worse flirt in the world! My interaction with guys I find attractive is cringe worthy. I would instantly get all clumsy, stuttery and start smiling like a mindless zombie. It’s like watching a bad porno, where you just want to be like ‘stop…just put on your clothes, Jesus did not die on the cross for this’. But when I am not intentionally flirting that’s when my friends say I’m a real flirt. Honestly I just think my kindness is being misread. My friend Cos said I unconsciously flirt lol. I flash my pearly white teeth and bat my long eyelashes and don’t realize the obvious effects. I laugh when I think about it because I find it crazy that all that time I’m apparently flirting. I am a really sociable person I find it easy to spark up a conversation with anyone especially when that person isn’t on my radar.

Today I went to the beauty store to buy hair supplies. When I entered the store this guy was pushing some boxes inside the store. I don’t know if he worked at the store or was just the delivery guy. Either way I smiled and made my way inside the store. So I wandered through the aisles for awhile contemplating if I was in the mood to waste my money and try out some new hair products. In the end I just grabbed stuff from my original shopping list and made my way to the cash register. The same guy was at the cash register just talking with the cashier. He turns to me and then said I have a beautiful smile. I am not bitter  and can take a compliment. I said thank you. I then asked if he was having a good day. He replied and  we had a very small chit-chat. I paid for my stuff and told him and the cashier to have a good day. As I am making my way through the door, he called out and I stopped, thinking I probably left something behind. He said he wanted to take me out and wanted to know if he could have my number. I said  ‘that’s sweet but I’ll have to pass”  and I walked away. I probably should have said I am not available because his reaction to the situation forced me to read his ass into a box!

“Is it because I’m dark skinned that I don’t get loving. If I was light-skinned you’d go out with me”

MY NUMBER ONE PET PEEVE! Someone thinking less of themselves.


I am staring at him extremely appalled.

“You the type to like them light right?”

I hate when people belittle themselves. We all might look different on the outside but we are the same on the inside. Made up of bones and ooze that red blood. Until I meet an alien I don’t need anyone around me thinking less about themselves.

I had to give him that tough love. I was really offended that from  our initial reaction he thought that little of me. But he seemed like the type of person that needed some of my positive energy.

So I said…

“I am not one of those superficial individuals. I am in a relationship with someone and it would be extremely disrespectful for me to give you my number. But you are a handsome person. Your skin does not define your beauty. And you need to think more of yourself.”

He was in so much shock.

I looked at him and said “your skin is phenomenally beautiful” and I smiled.

[My friend would think I was totally flirting].

He looked at me and said thank you and joked that he would totally marry me right now. We said bye again and I made my way to my car.

I was driving home and it was just blowing my mind that a person could have such low self-esteem to think less of the skin they are in. I know the stigma must be as a result of the environment or the people they associate themselves with. But that level of negativity is not needed. Who a person is, is much more than the color of their skin. I wish more people would realize that.


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