LIOG…Slightly Irritated😡😡

Another gaddamn lecture about my fucking life!


This person’s ability to fucking ruin my day is priceless. I am so mad I give that person so much control over my emotions. But every conversation physically pisses me the hell off. I literally have to bust out the punk rock music to soothe my soul. Only My Chemical Romance, Evanescence  and Panic! At the Disco can get my emotions in check. If I had some bubble wrap to stomp on that would be perfect right now. Or if I could let out a loud scream without my neighbors calling 911 would be sooo great! ugh😤! And you know what really upsets me, the fact that the person isn’t even freaking family! Life lectures I more than welcome from my family member, at least they are blood and I can handle the shade. But someone that’s only known me for a maximum of 3 months I don’t need them accessing my goddamn life!

The person that pisses me off more than anything else is ROY🖕! Bloody Roy🖕🖕! He’s one of my sister’s close friends with the super power to piss me the fuck off. He always has something judgmental to say about how I’m living my life. Dude let me live my life! He says he means well and is only looking out for my best interest😒, but he always comes at me with that condescending tone of voice. He does the utmost thing to irritate my soul by comparing me with a next person. I hate when my mom compares me with someone else! Why does he think I would like to hear the same thing from him.

“Maybe you should stop wasting your money by applying to medical school”

“Dana went to nursing school, why don’t you apply its more your speed

“You should settle on a master’s program”

Words & phrases like wasting, more your speed and settle….like PISSES ME OFFF😡😡😡😡😡! Almost to belittle my potential and state this is most I’ll ever achieve. Like I should just take what I can get.

If this is something that I am not suppose to do then let me fail and come to my own revelations. I need to push myself and find my own damn limits.


Ugghhhhh I am so freaking angry writing this out! Like who the fuck is he !?😠  My parents aren’t up my ass about my life! So what gives him the right to be vindictive! I wouldn’t even care if he was actually concerned and wanted to genuinely help. But he alwayyyyyssss comes at me sideways! Just always throwing shade and reminding me of his current success in life. As to let me know that what I am trying to do is impossible and I’ll never get on his level.

*Blasts Evanescence’s Going Under in my eardrums*


I really need to learn to channel my emotions when it comes to this dude. No one  should be given this much control over my actions.


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