LIOG…Hair Cut 💇

I chopped it off! I chopped off my precious lol.

This hair that took 6months to nurture and grow. I took scissors and chopped it off like a crazy lady.

I am currently going through hair cut grief. I have to keep telling myself it’s just hair and it will grow back. 😢 Today I spontaneously chopped off 2-3inches of my hair. And I did this for three different reason.

Reason Number One ☝️

My long hair is cut layered, which is perfect because I tend to hate when my long hair is on the same level. So my hair is cut in this v-shaped formation. The left side of my hair is layered perfectly but the right side was really bugging me. So my hair looked uneven to me, and that triggered my occasional OCD. With my hair short I’ll be able to regrow it back to its original length and have my layers be on point again.

Reason Number Two

I really wanted a different look and was really inspired to get a pixie cut. But didn’t feel like chopping off that much hair. I thought it would look super cute and simple to get a bob cut to fit me. I just wanted something different and my hair is on a 2year no-dye regime I thought why not just cut it.😳 Completely forgetting I actually have a bighead so I’m having hair cut remorse.

Reason Number Three 👌

I am crazy. I’m the type of person that will spontaneously do something in the moment and this is the result to my actions.

Lets see if my hair will grow back by September.


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