LIOG…Is It Cheating If You Dream About Another Man?!😴😳🙈

For a person getting a maximum of 4 hours of sleep on average. I don’t tend to recall any of my dreams I am intended to have during REM sleep. But when I get that required 8 hours of sleep my dreams are usually wilding. Typically my dreams are induced by shows I watch before falling asleep or from late night snacking. But my dream this morning had me questioning time, space and reality. I’m wondering if I had one of those outer body experiences, because this dream was crazy for many reasons.

So I was at Jake’s house last night and I am extremely exhausted. Lack of sleep for long periods cause my body and mind to eventually crash. So I was out cold sometime around 11:30. I went to bed before him because he wasn’t even in the bedroom. Family Guy was playing on the television but the TV was muted so I don’t even know what episode was playing. I got up around 4am this morning and it was still dark. I had a bottled water beside me on the night stand that I drank a few sips from and passed right out back. This is when the dream started.

It starts and  I woke up in a place I don’t recognize. It’s like I brought my consciousness with me because I was fully aware. It felt like time had passed because I was older. I would say I was in my early thirties. After walking around my apartment it’s like I gained some recollection of where I was and what I did. I knew where stuff was in my apartment without never being in the place. I knew I was a medical assist living in the UK. It was in the winter because their was light snowfall on the ground on my way to work. There is a gap or jump in my dream and I am suddenly at work. I weirdly knew all my coworkers, its like mentally I had created memories with these individuals I have never met in my life. Now, members in my department were going to join up with some doctors and work with them for a year on their researches. So their was a meeting in an auditorium and four of the doctors were present. Three of the doctors were old and one doctor was in his mid thirties. He was cute, most of the ladies were making googley eyes at that doctor. He was standing in the corner with one of the doctors so I went up to ask him about his lab research but I realized he was humming Love Like Woe by The Ready Set. Totally random but I started to sing the song and we sparked up a conversation. He said that we should go for coffee, as we left the auditorium my dream jumps and I am on the train with this doctor. Our hands are interlocked together and I remember feeling happy like this moment felt natural. As the doctor leans in to kiss me, my perception of present day reality sweeps into my subconscious and I jump myself awake. This is the weird part. I open my eyes and I am looking at my older self hovering over my present-day body. I can see Jake sleeping beside me but I am paralyzed as shit. Like I felt wide awake, everything around me felt real as day!  I am trying to move or scream but nothing. There is sheer panic on my face and the face hovering above me. It was an instance where both realities were blending in. I tried with all my might to move my present hand to reach at my other body and I realize it was like a mirror reflection. The hand of my present body wasn’t moving but the hovering body of my older self was. Once I grabbed hold of my present body I woke up. I wont lie I woke up shit scared! The first thing I did was get out the bed and move my body. The short break in my dream in which I thought I was awake was soooo freaky. It was as clear as day! If it wasnt for the hovering body I swore I was awake. Also that level of sleep paralysis was real! I’ve had sleep paralysis while I was awake when I was younger but I’ve never had that while in a dream.

For all my dream interpreters out there…what the heck does this dream even mean?!??



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