LIOG…The End Of Cuffing Season!👩🔓👱

The S P R I N G  SEASON is among us! That means saying hello to all the beautiful spring flowers🌸🌼🌺 with the downfall that the high pollen count will have some of us overdosing on allergy medication🤒. Longer days but that also means losing an hour because of daylight saving time. Who knew one hour could make such a significant difference😩. The beginning of spring also means you only have four months to get your body beach ready!👙 I was slacking in  January and February but this summer body is no joke. My exercise regime is about to go in overdrive💪.  *Searches for Insanity DVDs*


The start of spring also means its the end of cuffing season.


What is Cuffing Season?!? Well, its a relationship system created in this very fucked up generation that allows one to be in a serious relationship for the winter season. So that means from November to March, you are allowed to have a main beau. The winter periods tend to be cold and dreary, so individuals will have a temporary boyfriend or girlfriend to keep those cold nights warm. Now, I don’t condone cuffing season for only one reason. I am crazy & good dick will have me in my emotions. Also I don’t believe in short term relationships. I am always seeking a relationship with substance. I feel for many persons this period can bring along so many feelings that when ties are cut, one person will be left feeling heart broken.  For those individuals that are single and have no problem with doing this, well go right along. It has apparently become the norm to make love a seasonal thing😳. Once cuffing season is over, its back on that single grind. One is allowed to date, have sex and do whatever the fuck they want to do because they are free from commitment.

Cuffing season seems to work for many but this is important. Once cuffing season is over y’all need to break off that relationship. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Eat the cake and keep it moving. Go try some chocolate pudding. Anything else is considered cheating in my eyes.

This brings me to this short story time. My friend entered into a relationship with this guy around cuffing season. So it’s her boyfriend. Within the 4-5 month period, she moved in with this guy. She works as a retailer so she’s bring home her own paycheck. But this guy is paying all the bills; electric, water, internet and rent. From my point of view this guy is loyal like a puppy. He always has such nice things to say to her and treats her well. Like her pussy got him waaayy in his feelings because he really loves this girl. Now  I am annoyed with my friend because she was not taking the relationship serious so I questioned why she even moved into his apartment. This guy obviously did not catch the memo that the relationship was strictly for cuffing season. My friend has admitted that she likes this guy but isn’t in love with him. She likes the security he provides her but that’s as deep as her love goes. My advice was to end the relationship before it gets too serious. But does my friend take my advice! No she fucking did not! Instead it seems she’s on some suicidal mission. This girl is talking with an another guy in a different state🙄. In her head cuffing season is over and she is no longer in a relationship when she is very much in a relationship with her boyfriend. She stated that this new guy was sending her money and that’s when I decided that I’ve heard enough.

When will people realize that cheating isn’t even worth it! I know side pieces are getting bolder and just don’t give a fuck. But wives/girlfriends and husbands/boyfriends are getting crazier. That level of mistrust will have people not caring whether or not they go to jail! They will kill y’all and have sweet dreams at night! I can’t understand why anyone would want to put themselves in that position. I’ve told Jake multiple times that if he’s cheats on me, he should just break up with me. Don’t hide it and act like nothing happened. The consequences will be worse if I find out before he comes clean. There’s no telling what my crazy ass will do!

I sidetracked a bit lol. I’m just tired of being in relationships that I’ve been lied to and cheated on. So I WILL castrate the next dude that betrays me like that. I’m too much of a boss chick to be treated with that level of disrespect.

Anyways back to the main point of this post lol. If you are going to partake in cuffing season, ensure that your partner knows its strictly for cuffing season. That way you can avoid any awkward break up. Relationships that span pass the winter period should be treated like a relationship and not just a fling. Cuffing season is not for everybody, you don’t have to partake in it because everyone is doing it.


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