LIOG…My Blog is Under Construction🚧🛠🔩

Hello My Lovely Readers & Followers!😘


I’ve been on a short hiatus. I’ve been super busy with work and life. This past week I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed with everything and couldn’t find time. But I promised to remain constant with one thing in my life and that’s attempting to blog once a week. If  four weeks have passed and there isn’t a new post then I’ve probably been abducted by aliens👽 lol.

Today my blog is 7 months old!! My blog is like my baby, so I’m super excited to watch how it has grown so far. I’ve interacted with awesome bloggers that I consider family and cant wait to meet more new people from around the world.  Though it hasn’t been a  year, I think it’s full time for my blog to get a new look!  I have a lot of new and innovative ideas rambling around in my big head that requires a few changes on my blog. Especially with summer fast approaching there are a few things I am hoping to add and share with you all. *wink wink* T R A V E L  A D V E N T U R E S!🎉🎉

If my schedule remains flexible that is something I plan on definitely doing, probably throw in a few vlogs. I really want to interact more with my readers and I’m thinking of the best way to do that. While I’m in this transitional process, blog posts will slow down significantly as I am trying to organize the current layout of my blog.

I am sooo excited for this summer! So join me on this new revamp and venture! Life Is One Great is going 2.0!😁😁




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