LIOG…A Prankster’s Favorite Day 😝

April Fools’ Day!


This is the day you trust nobody! Not even your pets ! I thought I had escaped the torment of April 1st but it keeps following me into adulthood. As a child, my brother would pull pranks on me. This day is like his personal holiday. His pranks were always on the extreme end of the spectrum that I was always left traumatized in tears. He’d leave me stranded out in the boonies, placed lizards in my bagpack or tricked me into thinking that mom was in a car accident. I had built up this defense that I literally believe no one on this day. Now that I don’t live with my brother anymore, I’ve let my guard down significantly that the last person I expected to pull a prank on me was  Jake.

I should have known something was up the minute he stopped by my office. He came a little early and offered to get me a panini for lunch. I was so  happy that he was bringing food that I thought he was just being a sweetheart.  But that sneaky little bastard ! He snatched up my car key from my bag and I didn’t even realize. He comes back in about 30mins acting all normal, we talked a bit and then he left. Shortly after my brother sent a text…

“April Fools ugly” 

I literally just ignored the text. I thought there’s not much pranking he could do all the way in New Jersey.

It’s Friday and the only thing on my mind is getting the hell off work and opening a bottle of Prosecco 🍾. Around 5:30ish  I’m heading to my car that’s always on the 4th floor of the parking lot building. I get to the spot that I am certain I parked the car and there no fucking car! 😳I’m walking around wondering if I’ve lost my damn mind. Literally No Car! The spot was empty as if my car was towed or stolen. Immediately I called Jake and I was freaking out. I’m running around the parking lot area checking all the cars. This ass wipe is giving me suggestions

“Babe maybe it’s on the other floor” 

“Calm down”       “You’ll probably have to call security for assistance”

I’m on the phone convincing him that there is no way it’s on the upper floor. I get to the upper floor and there is like broken glass in a spot that my car could have been parked. I automatically assumed my shit got jacked. I’m cursing and hyperventilating. I’m on the verge of fucking tears.  Jake starts laughing his ass off. He said he moved my car at lunch and it’s on the floor I was currently on. Like my level of pissed off was at 110%! No at a strong 200%! I was so mad I hung up the phone. He called back a few times and I let it go straight to voicemail. Get in my car and there’s a note that said April Fools Babe

He got me good😫.

Kudos to my brother though! Just when I thought his influence could not get any stronger, he’s managed to convince my bf to be apart of his antics.

But never again! It’s On! 😼

I will not be tricked again. No longer will I be the victim! April 1,2017 I’m going to take revenge.


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