LIOG…420 Brownies!

Today it the day! It’s a stoner’s favorite unofficial holiday to get shitfaced high!🚬

The 20th of April is designated as National Weed Day.



To celebrate the day I’m at my friend’s house making some weed brownies! She’s having a little stoner party. I’m honestly staying for the snackage because diet is about to go through the door with my serve munchies.



Her house is going to smell sooooo baked tonight! 🌬🚬

I’m already experiencing the contact high from making the cannabutter.


Guess who will be sleeping sound like a baby tonight…I WILLπŸ™‹

Shout out to my homegirl  Thu2 in Colorado for the edibles!😁😁😁

I got two chocolates. I got a peanut butter and expresso flavored. The peanut butter  one I shared with my friend Natalie. Had that on Sunday and it was really good! I prefer the peanut butter flavor than this expresso flavor because I don’t like the huge chunks of coffee beans. Bur still its pretty good and hella strong.

For all my stoners, how do you plan on celebrating 420?





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