LIOG…It’s OverπŸ’”

Jake is no longer in the picture.πŸ‘±πŸ’”πŸ™…

Honestly I am writing this and my heart literally pains. But for the past weeks, Jake and I have been arguing about his ‘relationship’ with this girl name Shay. I’ve mentioned Shay a few times in previous posts expressing my suspicions .


Trust me ladies, when your woman intuitions are telling you something is not adding up, you ask questions. We had a huge blow up in the beginning of April. He stated that I was acting jealous, and I didn’t want him to have female friends. He accused me of flirt with other men. That one caught me sooooo off guard. He  stated that he doesn’t like when I call other men, ‘hun’. The word ‘hun’ is a universal word for me, I call male or female friends hun. And Jake knows this, I call everybody hun. If it was that much of an issue, he had many opportunities to let me know. I think he was trying to deflect from the obvious shit stormπŸ’©β˜”οΈ he was drowning in. Our conversation made me feel so guilty and we weren’t on the best speaking terms.

Last week Wednesday I saw Jake and we talked over a few things. We had almost mended the situation. I was still upset but you do unexplainable things like forgive a person that you love. I have a great history with this guy and I wasn’t about to let a girl I don’t even know come between the relationship I have with him. But after my ordeal this weekend! Jake is literally dead to me.πŸ’€β˜ βš°

So we had made plans to hang out on Friday. I had major cramps and cancelled. I’m a bipolar bitch when its my time of the month so for everyone’s safety, I remain in a controlled environment by staying home. The slightest thing like someone breathing in my space will set me off. I recommended we should hang out on Sunday afternoon when my mood swings were on a low.

On Friday I got a call at midnight from Jake, I answered and I could hear talking in the background. Butt Dial?? That’s pretty hard to do with an iPhone right?? I heard a girl laughing and mumbling from the television. I hung up and called back. At that point his phone went straight to voicemail. Homeboy is already walking on thin ice so I was livid. I went to bed and convinced myself he was chilling with his boys. After the whole jealous girlfriend argument, I was not looking to have a repeat. He called in the morning and asked if I wanted him to bring food and how he misses me. Another pile of bullshit he flawlessly knows how to spurt from his mouth.

We spoke for awhile because the conversation continued on a long game of thrones rant. In the afternoon I went to the pharmacy to get some ibuprofen and a few another stuff. While walking through the aisles I missed a call from an anonymous numberπŸ€”. Within seconds my phones rings again and this time I can see the number calling. I answered the phone and the person asked if I was Sha-Rih. I asked the person what they wanted and who was this. The conversation went dark reaall quick!

“This is Keia (“Key-Ya”,not sure how to spell her name), I need to you leave Jake alone”

So I am laughing and thinking this must be a damn prank.  I let her know I am Jake’s girlfriend. Her exact words,

You dumb bitch, I am telling you to stop fucking Jake. You are a homewrecker and ruining families”

I am in the pharmacy fueling! I was literally shaking with anger. 😑😑I told her she had the wrong number.

She then said,

“no I have the right number, this is the number Shay took from his phone”

Once I heard Shay’s name I was seeing blood red!😑😑 I hung up the phone and left everything I had in the shopping cart. I went in my car and I called Jake immediately. I was so angry I started crying, I was convinced I was about to do time for manslaughter. I was driving straight to his place because he was stammering through my questions on the phone. I needed to see him lie to my face! The number called back and I answered because I had questions for Shay.

She said Jake would chill at her place and she thought I was the side bitch. He told her that I was his close friend. Oh she’s pregnant with his child! Yes I said fucking pregnant. Of course everything she said, he had a counter argument. Tried to convince me that she was crazy.

I went off! His neighbor had to drag me from his apartment because I was just breaking shit! I was literally trying to fight Jake. The hurt I felt was just mixed with an enormous rage. And it didn’t help that I was PMSing.

I was just so fucking over it.


I could not get pass the fact that…

1.  She got my phone number, that means she’s close enough to him to look through his phone and it must have been recent.

2.  I asked Jake not to talk to this girl but I’m branded as Hitler of the relationship.

3. The instagram picture with them all chummy in the club when I’m out of town.

Everything was simply disrespectful and I had enough. I don’t deserve to be treated like this by no man! Worse by someone I consider as my best friend. This break up hurts more than anything else just thinking back on our history. I wished we had just remained as friends because now we are nothing.



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