LIOG…For My “Love”πŸ’•πŸ’ž

I’ve been obsessed with the snapchat filters! I could write a loooong post about my current obsession. But I wont today lol .

With everything that’s happened this past week. This photo made me realize how sad and hurt I am on the inside.

It’s a simple photo. I’m smiling and seem quite pleasant. Rocking my dashiki shirt that I got from my Nigerian friend. Obviously thinking I’m a goddess using the flowered headpiece filter.

But its all in the eyes.

Behind my brown eyes, there is an immensurable amount of pain. I am an empty shell to my environment. I smile but what’s a smile if its fake.

It’s Disingenuous. It’s a faΓ§ade. It’s a magic trick to convince everyone around that I’m fine.

But my eyes. My brown eyes they don’t lie. That light. That light that brings joy and happiness is nothing but a dim flicker as I try to mend my broken heart. I’m tired and exhausted. Worn out from all the drama.

My mother always said I should be strong. As a woman. As a black woman. I need to pick myself up through adversities and hold my head high. To exuberate confidence and demand respect. So that’s exactly what I will do.

Life isn’t suppose to be a Sunday stroll in the park. It comes with heartbreaks, failures and losses. And though I am hurting, time will heal my wounds. I am strong. I am phenomenal. I deserve the best.

So this is for my ‘love’

I may seem strong.

I may seem all together.

But I’m as fucked up as the rest of the world.

Far from perfect but I am the best fit to complete you.

My heart isn’t brand new.

It has cracks and tears.

But its the only gift I have to give you.

So please handle with care


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