LIOG…Ahhhhh so stressed😰

It’s Monday and I am exhausted!

How are all my lovelies?😊 I’ve missed you guys. I know I am so behind on my blogs. I’ve been busssyyyyyy. I have deadlines to meet at work and it’s literally drawing away at my life force😩. My social life is currently at a halt while I’m struggling to maneuver through this busy period. I just need to either fast forward to the future when I’m rolling in cash or take me back to pre-k.

Has someone built a time machine yet???

I’d like to be teleported to the first grade please. I miss the juice boxes and nap time.  Now that I’m single I have all this pent-up stress. I might need to revise my decision on open relationships. Sex really improves one’s health. Lowers my blood pressure and relieves stress. Both that are significantly high. I literally can’t wait  for summer to bask in the beautiful sunshine and drink a cold beer.

Well I wont go on a long rant. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATION TO ALL MY COLLEGE GRADUATES!!!!!!  🎊🎉🎉


You did it!😁 Your journey has just begun as I welcome you to the working world. Trust me, you will wish that you were still in college. You’ll learn how shitty the job market is, so if you’ve got an innovative idea, then go be an entrepreneur and become your own boss. I have first hand experience on how difficult it is to find a job and the stress to start paying off student loans. Don’t be discouraged and stay optimistic. Send out those resumes, take advantage of networking opportunities and always give a 110% on all your interviews. My only advice is not to have tunnel vision. I know it can be discouraging to go to college and spend all this money and get a business degree or science degree and can’t work within your field or dream job. But try and broaden your horizons. Take hold of other opportunities that come knocking and don’t close them off because it’s not something you wanted to do. You never know where that  new venture will take you.  



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